Taylor Hanson

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Taylor Hanson

Post  theellafan on Tue Dec 02, 2014 6:17 am

Voice type: Tenor
Vocal range: E♭3-E5

Significant high notes:
E5 ("I've Got Soul")
E♭5 ("I've Got Soul")
D5 ("Cut Right Through Me")
C♯5 ("Get the Girl Back", "Give a Little", "I Will Come to You" (Middle of Nowhere Acoustic), "Something Going Round")
C5 ("Cut Right Through Me", "I've Got Soul", "Voice in the Chorus", "Yearbook" (Middle of Nowhere Acoustic))
B4 ("Can't Get a Read on You", "Dead Serious", "Give a Little", "Madeline" (Middle of Nowhere Acoustic), "Nothing to Me")
B♭4 ("Can't Stop", "Cut Right Through Me", "Get the Girl Back", "In the City", "I Will Come to You" (Middle of Nowhere Acoustic), "Kind of a Girl", "Madeline" (Middle of Nowhere Acoustic), "Messing with My Head", "Nothing to Me", "Something Going Round", "This Time Around", "Where's the Love" (Middle of Nowhere Acoustic), "World's on Fire")

Significant low notes:
F3 ("This Time Around", "Weird" (Middle of Nowhere Acoustic))
E3 ("MMMBop" (Middle of Nowhere Acoustic))
E♭3 ("In the City")


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