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Omega El Fuerte

Post  Ludwig Van Beethoven on Sat Nov 29, 2014 2:15 pm

Voice type: Bass
Full Vocal Range: Eb2-G4
Sung Vocal Range: Eb2-G3 (So far)

Significant high notes:
G4 - El Escudo de Dios (live, short note)
F#4 - Tu Si Quieres, Tu No Puedes (falsetto)
F4 - Tu No Ta Pa Mi (falsetto, don't know if it's him or a backup singer)
E4 - Me Tienen Para
D4 - Tu No Ta Pa Mi, Me Tienen Para
A3 - Melina
G3 - El Pavo Del Lechon, Un Dia De Suerte
F#3 - Chambonea, Tu Si Quieres, Tu No Puedes

Significant low notes:

G2 - Merengue Electronico
F2 - Hoy Vamos A Beber, Tu No Ta Pa Mi, Melina
E2 - Caramelo, Si Tu No Me Amas, Melina
Eb2 - Mi Problema Es Mio

He usually sings one octave below his backup singers, there are some songs that I have yet to listen to.
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