Hans Teeuwen

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Hans Teeuwen

Post  Roehoer on Sat Nov 29, 2014 1:19 am

Voice Type: Baritone
Vocal Range: E♭2-E♭5

Significant high notes:

E♭5 ("Gonna Rock It")
B4 ("I Want To Be Black", "Laat Het Zich Reven", "Wereldmuziek")
B♭4 ("Gonna Rock It", "Laat Het Zich Reven")
A4 ("Genie", "Letter To My Enemy", "Scandinavian War Song")
G♯4 ("De Bereden Politie II", "Hans Teeuwen Medley(in London)", "I Want To Be Black", "Keigoed", "Laat Het Zich Reven", "Michael Jackson Medley", "Nostradamus")
G4 ("Beatles Medley", "Benny En Giselle", "Broodje Worst", "Carnavalsmedley", "Gonna Rock It", "Hans Teeuwen Medley", "Het Vrije Woord", "Letter To My Enemy", "Mijn Anus", "Snelkookpan", "Vertrouwen", "Wereldmuziek")

Significant low notes:

C3 ("Ain't It Great", "Dreckige Daisy", "Hans Teeuwen Medley", "Snoopy")
B2 ("Hans Teeuwen Medley", "Niemand Weet Wat Het Is")
B♭2 ("De Bereden Politie II")
A2 ("Boney M", "Ga Maar Weg", "Genie")
G♯2 ("Günther Schneider")
G2 ("Boney M", "Dreckige Daisy", Günther Schneider")
F2 ("De Bereden Politie II")
E2 ("Boney M")
E♭2 ("Günther Schneider")


Hans Teeuwen is most commonly known as a Dutch comedian. He also sings jazz and is an amazing pianist. This is a work in progress, since I've only checked the songs from his one-man comedy shows. He has also made a double album of jazz-covers which I still have to listen to. He can sing up quite high with a raspy, sometimes blues-like approach. His lows are very warm and his E♭2's from Günther Schneider are incredibly strong, but kind of disturbing in context. But most of his notes are, since he's quite a controversial comedian. I will put some examples of him singing here later.


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