Albert Hammond, Jr

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Albert Hammond, Jr

Post  walkingstethoscopes on Sat Nov 22, 2014 1:03 am

Vocal range: F♯2 - G5

Significant high notes:

G5 ("Hard to Live (In the City)" live Bowery Ballroom 2007)
D5 ("GfC", "In Transit")
C5 ("Borrowed Time", "Cartoon Music for Superheroes", "Gratisfaction" live Hove Festival 2011, "Rocket")
B4 ("In Transit")
A4 ("Back to the 101" live Austin City Limits 2015, "Call An Ambulance", "Cooker Ship", "Losing Touch" live Oneway Studio Sessions, "One Way Trigger" live)
G♯4 ("Back to the 101", "Feed Me Jack Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Peter Sellers", "Scared" live Bowery Ballroom 2007, "Postal Blowfish" live Liverpool Cathedral 2014, "St. Justice")
G4 ("Blue Skies" live Liverpool Cathedral 2014, "Carnal Cruise", "Ever Fallen In Love?" live, "GfC", "In My Room", "In Transit", "Last Caress" live, "Rocket", "Rude Customer", "The Boss Americana", "Victory at Monterey", "You Won't Be Fooled By This")
F♯4 ("Blue Skies", "Losing Touch", "Scared", "St. Justice")
F4 ("Call An Ambulance", "Cartoon Music for Superheroes", "Hard to Live (In the City)", "Postal Blowfish")

Significant low notes:

D3 ("Blue Skies", "In My Room", "One Way Trigger" live, "Rocket")
C♯3 ("Bright Young Thing")
C3 ("Call An Ambulance", "Hard to Live (In the City)", "Postal Blowfish" live Liverpool Cathedral 2014, "Rude Customer")
B2 ("Cartoon Music for Superheroes", "Cooker Ship", "In Transit" Gossip Girl version, "Victory at Monterey")
B♭2 ("Carnal Cruise")
A2 ("Bargain of a Century", "Everyone Gets a Star")
G2 ("G Up")
F♯2 ("St. Justice")
*Purple marks notes obscured in the song mix.
*Italics mark non-melodic notes.

Most well known as the rhythm guitarist of The Strokes, but also leads a solo career. His voice is a bright baritone voice, which bears a similarity to the voice of his bandmate Julian Casablancas.

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