Ashton Nyte

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Ashton Nyte

Post  Zedd Squared on Tue Nov 18, 2014 2:31 pm


Voice type: Dark Romantic Baritone
Vocal range: E1-E♭5

High notes:

  • E♭5 ("Gospel Song")
  • C♯5 ("Nightfall")
  • B4 ("Jennifer", "Oblivion", "The Man Who Wasn't There")
  • A4 ("Change", "One More Crucifixion", "Jennifer", "Request", "The Dark Romantics")
  • G♯4 ("Gospel Song", "The Needle and the Gun")
  • G4 ("Change", "Nothing Like the Rain", "Oblivion", "Stigma", "The Missing Chapters", "The Needle and the Gun", "To Give", "Vampyre Girl")
  • F♯4 ("Amethyst", "Armageddon Style", "Darkness Calls", "Ivory (Part 1 and 2)", "Prayer for the Song", "Roadside Heretics", "The Sounds of Silence")
  • F4 ("A Carnival of Souls", "Frozen Icon", "Indian Summer Rain", "The Man Who Wasn't There", "The Neon Sky", "Where the Shadow Goes")
  • E4 ("Arrow", "Change", "Eve", "Gospel Song", "Halo", "Jennifer", "Mirror Tricks", "One More Crucifixion", "Past Idol", "Prayer for the Song", "Precious", "Request", "Stigma", "Upon the Water", "Vampyre Girl", "Zeen")
  • E♭4 ("Amethyst", "Death Says Yes", "Roadside Heretics", "The Sound of Silence")
  • D4 ("Alone", "Bleeding", "Darkness Calls", "Eve", "Heaven Waits", "Indian Summer Rain", "Mirror Tricks", "Razor Burn", "The Dark Romantics", "The Missing Chapters")
  • C♯4 ("Amethyst", "Angelyn", "Descent", "Jennifer", "Precious", "Rain", "The Dark Romantics", "The Other Garden", "Upon the Water", "Vampyre Girl", "Zeen")

Low notes:

  • A2 ("Alone", "Eve", "Halo", "Indian Summer Rain", "Mirror Tricks", "Past Idol", "Razor Burn", "Request", "The Neon Sky")
  • G♯2 ("Amethyst", "Nothing Like the Rain")
  • G2 ("A Carnival of Souls", "Alone", "Bleeding", "Eve", "Fault", "Heaven Waits", "Past Idol", "The Missing Chapters", "To Give")
  • F♯2 ("Angelyn", "Change", "Descent", "Ivory (Part 1 and 2)", "Mirror Tricks", "The Dark Romantics", "Zeen")
  • F2 ("Bleeding", "Change", "Eve", "Frozen", "Rain", "Request", "The Harmony of Imperfection", "To Give", "Where the Shadow Goes")
  • E2 ("A Carnival of Souls", "Angelyn", "Armageddon Style", "Arrow", "Death Says Yes", "Descent", "Fault", "Ivory (Part 1 and 2)", "Jennifer", "Oblivion", "One More Crucifixion", "Open", "Past Idol", "Prayer for the Song", "Stigma", "The Dark Romantics", "The Man Who Wasn't There", "The Needle and the Gun", "The Other Garden", "Upon the Water", "Vampyre Girl", "Where the Shadow Goes")
  • E♭2 ("Amethyst", "Heaven Waits", "Ivory (Part 1 and 2)", "Nightfall", "Roadside Heretics", "The Harmony of Imperfection", "The Sounds of Silence")
  • D2 ("Arrow", "Indian Summer Rain", "One More Crucifixion", "Prophet", "Rain", "Razor Burn", "The Needle and the Gun", "The Neon Sky", "Vampyre Girl")
  • C♯2 ("Precious", "The Dark Romantics", "The Sounds of Silence", "Upon the Water", "Zeen")
  • C2 ("Razor Burn")
  • B1 ("Alone", "Arrow", "Bleeding", "Death Says Yes", "Descent", "Fault", "Gospel Song", "Oblivion", "One More Crucifixion", "Open", "Precious", "Stigma", "The Man Who Wasn't There", "Vampyre Girl")
  • B♭1 ("Heaven Waits", "The Harmony of Imperfection", "The Other Garden")
  • A1 ("Jennifer", "Prophet", "The Neon Sky")
  • G♯1 ("Amethyst", "The Other Garden")
  • G1 ("Frozen Icon")
  • F♯1 ("Precious", "To Give")
  • E1 ("Prophet", "Stigma")

*Underlined notes are found in backing vocals or otherwise obscured in the song mix.
*Green marks harsh distorted notes.
*Italics mark non-sung notes.

Yet another chapter in my "gothic singers with insane low ranges" book of threads. From the South African gothic rock band The Awakening, Ashton Nyte possesses a formidable vampiric croon and a solid 4th octave to boot. I'm really digging his music and voice lately so I thought I'd share this with you guys. Sometimes resorting to a Marilyn Manson style fry register, Nyte is generally most comparable to a crossbreed between the two kings of goth rock singing Peter Murphy and Andrew Eldritch but with his own twist.
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