Blackmail Emotional (Original)

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Blackmail Emotional (Original)

Post  DDDiego on Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:38 pm

I'm so happy with my soundcloud lately, I forgot to post this on here.


where did you leArn that lesson or that phRasE?
it punches right through my pride mAking me admit that i…
i hate it when you say it

where did you Learn to GEt into my miNd
and Treat my overdose, a fataL worn out thought that i…
you’rE MAking me forget it

turN us into a reason good enough
a meaning or a Cause… thAt will make you stay
spaRe me some pain and savE me just Few months
the rise and then the fall… the price that i mUst pay

say you’re in Love
straight to my heart

i’m Not a saint but babe the way yOu Talk
The way yOu make me walk behind you Like a dOg, a lie…
a lie that i created

i’m not a saint but places you don’t know
are places you would go… and you’d like to stay in

don’t nail the windows and don’t lock the doors
don’t let me here outside and waiting in the cold, when i…
just want to hear you say it

say you’re in loVE
straighT tO my heart

this isn’t blackmail, emOtional
this isn’t blackmail, eMotional

where did yoU learn that lesson or that phrase
that punChes right through my Heart making me admit that i…
i just want to say it

say i’m in love
yes, so in love

this isn’t blackmail, emotional
this isn’t blackmail, emotional

blackmail, emotional
blackmail, emotional

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Re: Blackmail Emotional (Original)

Post  The Great Heroins on Mon Nov 17, 2014 11:59 am

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