Kyle Thomas

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Kyle Thomas

Post  Sandblasted on Fri Nov 14, 2014 3:23 pm

Voice Type: Desecrator Baritone
Recorded Vocal Range: D2-B5

Higher notes:

  • B5 ("Unborn Again")
  • A5 ("(Cadence of) The Dirge", "I Am The Cross", "Slaughter in the Vatican")
  • G♯5 ("Desecrator", "The Midnight Rope", "The Truth", "Unborn Again", "Unforgiven")
  • G5 ("I Am The Cross", "The Truth")
  • F♯5 ("Bloody Fields", "Chisel the Stones", "Exhorder", "Keep Me from the Fire", "The Law", "The Midnight Rope", "The Tragic Period")
  • F5 ("Glass of Lies", "Soul Search Me", "The Truth", "When the Sky Comes Down")
  • E5 ("Constitution Down", "Exhorder", "Glass of Lies", "Till My Soil")
  • E♭5 ("Before the Line Divides" , "Bloody Fields", "(Cadence of) The Dirge", "Dead Wrong Again", "Hybrid Gods", "Keep Me from the Fire", "Running with Sodden Legs", "Sinner's Head", "The Midnight Rope", "Through My Days Into My Nights", "Unforgiven")
  • D5 ("Blighted House", "Constitution Down", "Slaughter in the Vatican", "When the Sky Comes Down")
  • C♯5 ("Dead Wrong Again", "Glass of Lies", "Hybrid Gods", "Jones' Lounge", "Sun Shines On", "The Law", "The Truth", "Unborn Again", "Window")
  • C5 ("Blood Breaks the Tide", "Butterflies", "Demons Come", "Desecrator", "Feel You Burn", "Hunters Of Doom", "I Am The Cross", "One Life", "Paranoia Conspiracy", "Second Guesser", "Sinner's Head", "Slaughter in the Vatican", "Soul Search Me", "The Greying Chill of Autumn", "The Midnight Rope", "Through My Days Into My Nights", "Till My Soil", "Whole")
  • B4 ("Blighted House", "(Cadence of) The Dirge", "Chisel the Stones", "Constitution Down", "Dead Swine, a Fallen Angel", "Hybrid Gods", "Sucker", "The Broken Have Spoken", "Unforgiven", "Window")
  • B♭4 ("Black With Sin", "Blood Breaks the Tide", "Bloody Fields", "Butterflies", "Dead Wrong Again", "Demons Come", "Death in Vain", "Glass of Lies", "Hunters Of Doom", "Hybrid Gods", "Imitation Salvation", "Keep Me from the Fire", "One Life", "Running with Sodden Legs", "Seven Seals", "Soul Search Me", "Sun Shines On", "The Law", "Through My Days Into My Nights", "Whole", "Zero the Hero" live in Lafayette 2013)
  • A4 ("(Cadence of) The Dirge", "Constitution Down", "Death in Vain", "Desecrator", "Feel You Burn", "Homicide", "Jones' Lounge", "One Life", "Sink or Swin", "Sinner's Head", "Sucker", "The Greying Chill of Autumn", "The Tragic Period", "Those Days", "Till My Soil", "When the Sky Comes Down", "Your Reflection")
  • G♯4 ("Anal Lust", "Bloody Fields", "(Cadence of) The Dirge", "Chisel the Stones", "Dead Wrong Again", "Demons Come", "Into the Void", "The Midnight Rope", "Window", "Zero the Hero" live in Lafayette 2013)

Lower notes:

  • D3 ("One Life", "The Broken Have Spoken", "Till My Soil", "Window")
  • C♯3 ("Imitation Salvation", "Sun Shines On")
  • C3 ("Demons Come", "Those Days", "Whole")
  • B2 ("Slaughter in the Vatican", "Window")
  • B♭2 ("Demons Come", "Sun Shines On", "The Greying Chill of Autumn", "Those Days")
  • A2 ("Slaughter in the Vatican", "Till My Soil", "Window", "Your Reflection")
  • G♯2 ("Hunters of Doom", "The Midnight Rope")
  • F♯2 ("The Midnight Rope")
  • F2 ("Black With Sin", "Hunters of Doom")
  • D2 ("One Life")

*Underlines mark notes in backing vocals or otherwise muffled/obscured in the mix.
*Green marks highly distorted screams.
*Italics mark spoken notes.

A powerful gritty metal vocalist who has spanned several different subgenres in various projects, including: Exhorder (thrash/groove), Floodgate (stoner/sludge), Trouble (doom) and Pitts Vs. Preps (traditional) amongst others. Often credited as one of the progenitors of the "tough guy" shouty style which may have influenced a young Phil Anselmo and several others after. While he had employed a much more "screamier" high range earlier on, he has a developed a more cleaner and melodic technique in more recent times, going instead for "metal wails" which can heard to a great extent in his work w/Pitts Vs Preps and also on the Trouble album "The Distortion Field". His lower range seems strangely less utilized in comparison, despite the few examples he has demonstrated so far to be pretty strong and dark.

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Re: Kyle Thomas

Post  Malhorne on Mon Nov 17, 2014 5:31 am

His vocal on Slaughter in the Vatican sounds like Anselmo Shocked
Or it is Anselmo who sounds like him, dunno

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