Mark Hollis

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Mark Hollis

Post  Croak on Sat Nov 08, 2014 11:59 pm

Status: unfinished

Frontman of Talk Talk, then briefly solo artist, now enjoying successful retirement from music.

Voice type: Baritone
Vocal range: G♯2-B♭4

Significant high notes:

  • B♭4 ("Eden", "Hate", "Dum Dum Girl", "Such a Shame")
  • A4 ("Have You Heard the News?", "It's My Life", "Give It Up", "Wealth")
  • G♯4 ("Talk Talk", "Candy", "Happiness Is Easy", "Life's What You Make It", "April 5th", "Living in Another World", "Chameleon Day", "Desire", "Ascension Day", "After the Flood", "Mirror Man")
  • G4 ("Today", "Tomorrow Started", "Call in the Night Boy", "Does Caroline Know?", "It's You", "I Don't Believe in You", "Inheritance", "Taphead", "The Colour of Spring", "The Gift")
  • F♯4 ("Such a Shame", "Time It's Time", "I Believe in You", "Myrrhman", "New Grass", "Watershed", "Westward Bound")
  • F4 ("It's So Serious", "Another Word", "Dum Dum Girl", "Renee", "It's Getting Late in the Evening", "For What It's Worth", "The Daily Planet", "A New Jerusalem")
  • D4 ("The Rainbow", "Inside Looking Out", "A Life (1895-1915)")

Significant low notes:

  • E3 ("Hate", "Candy", "Living in Another World", "New Grass")
  • E♭3 ("It's My Life", "After the Flood", "Taphead")
  • D3 ("Desire", "The Gift", "The Daily Planet")
  • C♯3 ("Such a Shame", "April 5th", "Give It Up")
  • C3 ("Tomorrow Started", "It's Getting Late in the Evening", "Time It's Time")
  • B2 ("Chameleon Day", "A New Jerusalem")
  • A2 ("Runeii", "A Life (1895-1915)")
  • G♯2 ("Westward Bound")

*Purple marks notes in backing vocals.

Not yet checked: live material, non-album material

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