Carlos PenaVega (Big Time Rush)

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Carlos PenaVega (Big Time Rush)

Post  The Winter Soldier on Wed Oct 22, 2014 1:56 am

Current Status: In Progress

Singer in the boyband Big Time Rush and an actor.

Voice type: Tenor
Total Range: C3-G5
Full Range: C3-F5

Significant high notes:
G5 - "Stuck"
F5- "Count On You", "City Is Our", "Nothing Even Matters", "All I Want For Christmas", "Elevate"
E5 - "Boyfriend", "Stuck (live)", "Worldwide"
D5 - "All I Want For Christmas", "Count On You", "All Over Again", "Worldwide"
C♯5 - "No Idea (live)", "Boyfriend (live)", "Worldwide"
C5 - "Til I Forget About You", "No Idea", "Cover Girl", "All Over Again", "Oh Yeah", "Stuck", "Windows Down", "Any Kind Of Guy", "All I Want For Christmas", "Boyfriend", "Love Me Love Me (live)", "Big Time Rush", "We Are", "Worldwide", "Like Nobody's Around (live)", "Paralyzed"
B4 - "If I Ruled The World", "Stuck (live)", "Boyfriend (live)", "Big Time Rush", "Paralyzed", "The Mom Song"
A4 - "Til I Forget About You", "Stuck", "Boyfriend", "Big Time Rush", "Invisible", "Elevate", "We Are", "The Mom Song", "Like Nobody's Around", "Intermission", "Paralyzed", "Famous", "You're Not Alone", "Boyfriend"

Significant low notes:
C3 - "Til I Forget About You"
D♭3- "Famous", "Halfway There"
D3 - "Any Kind Of Guy", "City Is Ours"
E♭3 - "Cover Girl", "Til I Forget About You", "Big Night"
E3 - "This Is Our Someday", "Windows Down", "Count On You", "Worldwide (live)", "Invisible", "Big Night"
F3 - "Boyfriend", "No Idea", "Stuck", "The Mom Song", "Worldwide", "Big Time Rush", "Love Me Love Me", "Nothing Even Matters", "Worldwide", "Like Nobody's Around", "Big Night (live)", "Til I Forget About You"

*Purple or Underlines mark notes in backing vocals or otherwise obscured.
*Italics mark non-melodic notes.
*Blue marks falsetto notes
*Green marks harsh distorted notes.
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