Francis Dunnery

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Francis Dunnery

Post  KeithMoonIsGod on Wed Oct 15, 2014 3:18 pm


Voice Type: Dunnery Tenor
Vocal Range:G♯2-C♯5

Significant High Notes:
C♯5 - "I Got You Eating Out Of My Hand"
C5 - "'Til The End of Time"
B4 - "I Got You Eating Out Of My Hand", "Supper's Ready", "Whole New World"
A4 - "Midnight", "Once Around The World", "Supper's Ready", "Wanna Shout", "You'll Never Go To Heaven"
G♯4 - "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight", "Once Around The World", "Plastic Dreamer", "You'll Never Go To Heaven"
G4 - "Let Us All Go"

Significant Low Notes:
E3 - "Plastic Dreamer", "Whole New World"
D3 - "All In Red", "Plastic Dreamer"
C♯3 - "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight"
B2 - "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight", "Once Around The World", "Screaming On The Beaches"
A2 - "Let Us All Go", "Whole New World"
G♯2 - "Positively Animal"

Francis Dunnery is the vocalist for the progressive rock/pop band It Bites. His style is one that resembled Peter Gabriel and Fish in his earlier days, but in his later days sounds more like John Wetton. In fact, Dunnery was considered for replacing Phil Collins in Genesis after he left in the 90s, but was ultimately turned down. Dunnery now tours solo, and does "living room concerts," where you can hire him to come play in your house to a small audience, which is awesome. The only problem is he's a fan of the Glaswegian football team Celtic. Pff
Anyway, pretty good singer. Not the biggest range-wanker we have on here, but still a good singer.
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