Milla Jovovich

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Milla Jovovich

Post  Winch on Wed Oct 15, 2014 5:28 am

Vocal Range: F 2 - F 5

Significant high notes:

G♯5 ("There Ain't No God For Dogs live")
F♯5 ("Wicked Game")
F5 ("Dancing Barefoot Live")
E5 ( “Reaching  From Nowhere”, “Don’t Fade Away”,  “You Did It All Before”)
E♭5 (“The Alien Song”, It’s Your Life”)
D5 (“Clock”, “The Gentleman Who Fell”)
C♯5 (“It’s Your Life”)
C5 (“ Sweeter Than Madness”,  “Ruby Lane”, “Electric Sky”,  “Charlie”, "Sweetheart")
B4 (“It’s Your Life”)
B♭4  (“The Gentleman Who Fell”)
A4 (“The Mission”, “Ruby Lane”)

Significant low notes:

F3 ("The Gentleman Who Fell", "Flu With Adam")
E3 (“Sweeter Than Madness”,  “You Did It All Before”, “Queen Electric”, “There Ain’t No God For Dogs live”)
E♭3 ("Let You Go")
D3 ("The Mission Live", "Left and Right", "Sweetheart")
C♯3 ("Let You Go", "Be My Friend")
B2 ("Dancing Barefoot live")
A2 ("My Name Is Alice")
F2 ("Dj Puppy Ink")

*Italics mark non-melodic notes.
*Green marks harsh distorted notes.


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