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Dave Faber

Post  The Winter Soldier on Mon Oct 13, 2014 11:21 am

Voice type: Tenor
Total range: C3-C5

Significant high notes:

C5 ("Sleepless Nights (Never Let Her Go)", "When I'm With You")
B4 ("G-Get Up And Dance!", "Sleepless Nights (Never Let Her Go)", "Summer Fades To Fall")
B♭4 ("Summer Fades To Fall")
A4 ("Forever", "Give Him Up", "It Ends", "Never Coming Down", "Summer Fades To Fall", "Too Little Too Late", "When I'm With You", "You And I Tonight", You'll Make It")
G♯4 ("24 Story Love Affair", "By Your Side", "Candy Store", "Do It In Hollywood", "I'll Be There", "Just What I Needed", "Second Chance", "Tongue Tied", "When I'm With You", "You And I Tonight", "You'll Make It")
G4 ("I'll Be There", "Our Last Goodbye")
F♯4 ("24 Story Love Affair", "Candy Store", "Give Him Up", "Killin' Me", "Never Coming Down", "Obvious", "Second Chance", "Sex & Love", "Summer Fades To Fall", "Tongue Tied")

Significant low notes:

E♭3 ("Lucky Ones", "You And I Tonight", "You'll Make It")
D3 ("Life Is Waiting", "You And I Tonight")
C♯3 ("I'll Be There")
C3 ("Life Is Waiting")

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