Chevy Chase

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Chevy Chase

Post  Molandfreak on Sun Oct 12, 2014 2:24 pm

Voice Type: Griswold Baritone
Vocal Range: F1-C6

Significant High Notes:

  • C6 ("Love to Have My Baby")
  • A5 ("Love to Have My Baby")
  • F5 ("Love to Have My Baby", "The Three Amigos" title sequence)
  • E5 ("Good Vibrations")
  • D5 ("I Shot the Sheriff")
  • C5 ("I Shot the Sheriff", "The Three Amigos" title sequence)
  • B♭4 ("I Shot the Sheriff")
  • A4 ("The Three Amigos" title sequence)
  • G4 ("The Three Amigos" title sequence)
  • F4 ("Colorado", "Love Song" from Caddyshack)
  • E4 ("Blue Shadows", "My Little Buttercup")

Significant Low Notes:

  • B2 ("Flamenco", "Walley World National Anthem")
  • A2 ("Blue Shadows", "Here's A Song", "Walley World National Anthem")
  • F♯2 ("Good Vibrations")
  • F2 ("I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover")
  • E2 ("Colorado")
  • D2 ("Nat'l Anthem", "Sixteen Tons")
  • C2 ("Rappers' Plight")
  • B♭1 ("Sixteen Tons")
  • G1 ("Sixteen Tons")
  • F1 ("Never, Never Gonna Sing For You")

*Purple marks notes in backing vocals or otherwise obscured in the song mix.
*Italics mark non-sung notes.

I know there's more out there of him singing, but this is a start. Wink
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