Martin Turner

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Martin Turner

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Voice Type: Some sort of Tenor
Vocal Range: D3-G5

Significant High Notes:
G5 - "Handy"
F♯5 - "Handy"
E♭5 - "Handy"
D5 - "Queen of Torture"
C5 - "Don't Come Back", "Handy", "Throw Down The Sword"
B4 - "Phoenix" live in Memphis 1972, "Queen of Torture", "Silver Shoes", "Sometime World", "Throw Down The Sword"
A4 - "Everybody Needs A Friend", "Handy", "Leaf And Stream", "Living Proof", "Phoenix" live in Memphis 1972, "Queen of Torture", "Sing Out The Song", "Sometime World"

Significant Low Notes:
G3 - "Leaf And Stream", "Throw Down The Sword"
F3 - "Leaf And Stream"
E3 - "Lorelei" live Liverpoool 1976, "Phoenix" live in Memphis in 1972, "Sing Out The Song", "Warrior"
D3 - "Living Proof", "Phoenix" live in Memphis 1972, "Sing Out The Song", "Throw Down The Sword"

Martin Turner is was the lead singer/bassist for Wishbone Ash from 1969-1980 and again from 1988-1991, and is currently the lead singer for his own incarnation of the band, Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash. Turner has an interesting voice, possessing a very tenorish upper range, and a baritone-sounding lower range, yet I've yet to hear him go below the lower 3rd octave. However, he does have some effortless high notes in many WB songs, and even shows off some falsetto scat singing in "Handy," which is fun to listen to. I saw him last summer, and while his higher singing isn't as strong as it once was, he still is a pretty good singer. And he's also a wicked bassist.
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