Josh Strickland

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Josh Strickland

Post  Guest on Mon Oct 06, 2014 12:21 am

Voice type: Tenor
Vocal range: B♭2-A5
Modal range: B♭2-E♭5

High notes:

A5 ("This Christmas" live [2:48])
E♭5 ("Report to the Floor" [1:53])
C♯5 ("Do What U Want" Instagram, "Last Dance" [0:43], "Report the Floor" [0:45])
C5 ("Feeling Good" live [1:17], "This Christmas" live [2:29], "Who You Are" Instagram)
B4 ("Last Dance" [0:36], "Pony" live [1:43])
B♭4 ("Report to the Floor" [0:37], "The Journey" [2:48], "The Star-Spangled Banner" live [1:24], "This Christmas" live [2:43])
A4 ("Do What U Want" Instagram, "Last Dance" [0:25], "This Christmas" live [0:40], "Two Worlds" [4:56])
G♯4 ("Feeling Good" live [1:12], "Pony" live [1:35], "The Star-Spangled Banner" live [0:45], "Two Worlds" [1:20])
G4 ("Two Worlds" [4:49])

Low notes:
B♭2 ("The Journey" [0:53])
C3 ("The Journey" [0:46])
C♯3 ("The Star-Spangled Banner" live [0:08])
D3 ("The Journey" [0:15])
E♭3 ("The Journey" [1:01], "Two Worlds" [0:08])
F3 ("The Star-Spangled Banner" live [0:13], "This Christmas" live [0:15], "Two Worlds" [1:03], "Who You Are" Instagram)

Blue denotes falsetto range.
Black denotes modal range.


Josh is perhaps best known for creating the title role in the Broadway musical Tarzan, where his technically flawless dramatic tenor voice earned him rave reviews. Beyond Broadway he displays a very different style, utilizing an androgynous sound and a prominent diva influence.

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