Josh Strickland

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Josh Strickland

Post  Guest on Mon Oct 06, 2014 12:21 am

Voice type: Tenor
Vocal range: B♭2-A5
Modal range: B♭2-E♭5

High notes:

A5 ("This Christmas" live [2:48])
E♭5 ("Report to the Floor" [1:53])
C♯5 ("Do What U Want" Instagram, "Last Dance" [0:43], "Report the Floor" [0:45])
C5 ("Feeling Good" live [1:17], "This Christmas" live [2:29], "Who You Are" Instagram)
B4 ("Last Dance" [0:36], "Pony" live [1:43])
B♭4 ("Report to the Floor" [0:37], "The Journey" [2:48], "The Star-Spangled Banner" live [1:24], "This Christmas" live [2:43])
A4 ("Do What U Want" Instagram, "Last Dance" [0:25], "This Christmas" live [0:40], "Two Worlds" [4:56])
G♯4 ("Feeling Good" live [1:12], "Pony" live [1:35], "The Star-Spangled Banner" live [0:45], "Two Worlds" [1:20])
G4 ("Two Worlds" [4:49])

Low notes:
B♭2 ("The Journey" [0:53])
C3 ("The Journey" [0:46])
C♯3 ("The Star-Spangled Banner" live [0:08])
D3 ("The Journey" [0:15])
E♭3 ("The Journey" [1:01], "Two Worlds" [0:08])
F3 ("The Star-Spangled Banner" live [0:13], "This Christmas" live [0:15], "Two Worlds" [1:03], "Who You Are" Instagram)

Blue denotes falsetto range.
Black denotes modal range.

"Do What U Want" Instagram:
"Feeling Good" live:
"Last Dance":
"Pony" live:
"Report to the Floor":
"The Journey":
"The Star-Spangled Banner" live:
"This Christmas" live:
"Two Worlds":
"Who You Are" Instagram:

Josh is perhaps best known for creating the title role in the Broadway musical Tarzan, where his technically flawless dramatic tenor voice earned him rave reviews. Beyond Broadway he displays a very different style, utilizing an androgynous sound and a prominent diva influence.

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