Alannah Myles

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Alannah Myles

Post  Bassman on Wed Sep 03, 2014 12:18 am

Voice Type: Mezzo-Soprano
Melodic Range: B2-F6
Vocal Range: B♭2-G♯6

Significant High Notes:

G♯6 ("Trouble")
F♯6 ("Everybody's Breakin' Up")
F6 ("Trouble")
G♯5 ("Trouble")
G5 ("Dark Side Of Me", "The Great Divide", "Livin' On A Memory")
F♯5 ("Black Velvet", "Comment Ca Va", "Everybody's Breakin' Up", "Lover Of Mine", "Mistress Of Erzulie", "Song Instead Of A Kiss")
F5 ("I'll Remember You", "Lies And Rumours", "Love In The Big Town", "Our World Our Times", "Trouble")
E5 ("Anywhere But Home", "Blow Wind Blow", "If You Want To", "Just One Kiss", "Kick Start My Heart", "Kisses Are Weapons", "Love Is", "Make Me Happy", "Simple Man's Dream", "Sonny Say You Will", "Still Got This Thing", "Tumbleweed")
E♭5 ("Black Velvet", "Dark Side Of Me", "Family Secret", "Leave It Alone", "Rock This Joint", "Try To Live Again")
D5 ("Blow Wind Blow", "Everything Missing", "The Great Divide", "Honesty", "I'll Remember You", "Just One Kiss", "Kick Start My Heart", "Mother Nature", "Motherload", "Love Is", "Mistress Of Erzulie", "Only Wings", "Our World Our Times", "Rockinghorse", "Simple Man's Dream", "Sonny Say You Will", "Still Got This Thing", "Tumbleweed", "What Is Love", "Yellow Rose")
C♯5 ("Comment Ca Va", "The Last Time I Saw William", "Song Instead Of A Kiss")
C5 ("Everything Missing", "Give Me Love", "Kick Start My Heart", "Lies And Rumours", "Livin' On A Memory", "Love In The Big Town", "Make Me Happy", "Only Wings", "Our World Our Times", "Rock This Joint", "Simple Man's Dream", "What Am I Gonna Do With You?", "What Is Love", "Who Loves You")
B4 ("Anywhere But Home", "Bad 4 You", "Black Velvet", "Chained (Final Rescue)", "Faces In The Crowd". "Family Secret", "The Great Divide", "I Love You", "If You Want To", "Irish Rain", "Just One Kiss", "Kisses Are Weapons", "The Last Time I Saw William", "Lightning In A Bottle", "Love Is", "Lover Of Mine", "Mistress Of Erzulie", "Sonny Say You Will", "Still Got This Thing")

Significant Low Notes:

G3 ("Bad 4 You", "Do You Really Wanna Know Me", "Faces In The Crowd", "I Love You", "Keeper Of My Heart", "Motherload", "Tumbleweed", "Who Loves You")
F♯3 ("Black Velvet", "Everybody's Breakin' Up", "Honesty")
F3 ("Everything Mising", "Give Me Love", "Mother Nature", "Rockinghorse")
E3 ("Chained (Final Rescue)", "Keeper Of My Heart", "Yellow Rose")
E♭3 ("Black Velvet", "Family Secret", "Leave It Alone")
D3 ("Anywhere But Home", "The Great Divide", "Yellow Rose")
C♯3 ("Comment Ca Va", "Everybody's Breakin' Up", "Leave It Alone")
B2 ("Anywhere But Home", "The Dance Of Life", "Mistress Of Erzulie")
B♭2 ("Comment Ca Va")
*Purple marks notes in backing vocals.
*Italics mark non-melodic notes.

Alannah Myles is a Canadian singer, most famous for her hit single "Black Velvet" in the late 80's. Her voice is very unique, possessing both a very soft and lovely sound, while also being able to produce some nice, raspy notes when belting. If you like some old school blues rock, (Or old school rock in general) I highly recommend listening to her.

She hits a butt load of good-sounding high notes in every song. Hence almost every song name appearing more than one time. Apologies if this seems overkill, but she hits highs everywhere it almost can't really be helped.

Black Velvet, a good showcase of her voice.:


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