Joe Comeau

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Joe Comeau

Post  Zedd Squared on Tue Sep 02, 2014 2:49 pm


Voice type: Baritone
Vocal range: D2-G5

Significant high notes:

  • G5 ("Fear Itself")
  • F♯5 ("Kill the King")
  • F5 ("Broken Wasteland", "Eye of the Storm", "Fear Itself", "Feel the Blade", "Kill the King")
  • E5 ("Suspicion")
  • E♭5 ("Broken Wasteland", "Eye of the Storm", "Kill the King", "Master Control", "Rapture")
  • D5 ("Cold Blooded", "Feel the Blade", "Soldier's Fortune", "Suspicion")
  • C♯5 ("Broken Wasteland", "Duskmachine", "Eye of the Storm", "Fallout", "Fear Itself", "Feel the Blade", "Kill the King", "Rapture", "Striker")
  • C5 ("Cold Blooded", "Eye of the Storm")
  • B4 ("Broken Wasteland", "Carnival Diablos", "Feel the Blade", "I Feel No Pain", "Nothing to Me", "Prime-Time Killing", "Rapture", "Soldier's Fortune", "Striker", "Suspicion")
  • B♭4 ("Cold Blooded", "Denied", "Duskmachine", "Fallout", "Fear Itself", "Master Control")
  • A4 ("Carnival Diablos", "Cold Blooded", "Denied", "Hunter Killer", "I Feel No Pain", "Nothing to Me", "Prime-Time Killing", "Striker", "Torn", "The Blackest Day", "Ultra-Motion")

Significant low notes:

  • D3 ("Denied")
  • C♯3 ("I Feel No Pain")
  • C3 ("Duskmachine", "Ultra-Motion")
  • B2 ("Carnival Diablos", "Fire Power", "Prime-Time Killing")
  • A2 ("Cold Blooded", "I Feel No Pain")
  • G♯2 ("Denied")
  • F♯2 ("I Feel No Pain")
  • E2 ("Chicken and Corn")
  • D2 ("Duskmachine", "Prime-Time Killing")

An obscure yet kickass metal singer most known nowadays for being one of the many singers to serve a two or less album long tenure with the Canadian thrash metal legends Annihilator. However he is also the singer of the great 80s American power metal band Liege Lord wherein he provided some great high wailing on their classic 1988 release Master Control. Stylistically he often sounds like a heavier, darker cross between Halford and Dickinson.

Currently he is the singer in the thrash band Duskmachine where he continues to demonstrate a dark and gritty vocal style, while also recently reuniting with Liege Lord.
*Underlined notes are found in backing vocals or otherwise obscured in the song mix.
*Italics mark non-sung notes.
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