Göran Edman

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Göran Edman

Post  Bassman on Fri Aug 29, 2014 2:25 am


Voice Type: Tenor

Vocal Range: D2-E6

Significant High Notes:

E6 ("Good Luck Charm")
C6 ("Turn Me Loose")
A5 ("Sneaker")
G♯5 ("Caught Up In The Act", "Diamond Mistress", "Don't Look Around", "Itch", "Lost Without You")
G5 ("Don't Go", "Fool In Love", "Shades Of Grey", "Turn Me Loose")
F♯5 ("Bad Religion", "Black Magic", "Can't Take It", "Caught Up In The Act", "Celebration", "Day Of The Eagle", "Mental Masturbation", "Lay Down Your Arms", "Sphere Of Fantasy", "Squealer", "Tell Me Why")
F5 ("The Battle Of The Bridge", "Desecration", "Don't Go", "Final Curtain", "Marilyn", "Miracle Man", "Virtual Reality")
E5 ("Back On The Streets", "C'est La Vie", "Carry On", "Caught Up In The Act", "Common People", "Cosmic Virus", "Eternal Flame", "Extraordinary Child", "Feeling Like A Rolling Stone", "Hotel Party", "In Chains", "Killer On The Loose", "Lay Down Your Arms", "Like Jonah", "Livin' On Lies", "Material World", "Mental Masturbation", "Oh Rendezvous", "Out Of The Bunker", "Run Boy", "Shine", "Spell On You", "Squealer", "Standing Invitation", "Two Of A Kind", "Welcome To Paradise", "World War II", "World Wide Man")
E♭5 ("Above And Beyond", "Astray", "Bedroom Eyes", "Black Moon Rising", "Day By Day", "Diamond Mistress", "Dragonfly", "The Eagle", "The Empire Of The Sun", "Exposure", "Golden Sea", "How Many Miles To Babylon", "Making Love", "Motherless Child", "No Mercy", "The Rapture Of Cannaa", "See You In Hell (Don't Be Late)", "Someday")
D5 ("Angel Eyes", "Back On The Streets", "Carry On", "Cosmic Virus", "Day Of The Eagle", "Don't Close Your Eyes", "Don't Go", "Everything's Gonna Be Alright", "Extraordinary Child", "Eye For An Eye", "Fading Away", "Flyin' Blind", "Green Mile", "Hotel Party", "It's Human Nature", "Knowing You", "Look In Your Eyes", "Marilyn", "Mental Masturbation", "Need A Little Help", "Shine", "Sneaker", "Standing Invitation", "Visions Of New Dawn", "Where Does Love Go", "World Wide Man", "XSavior", "Yesterday News", "You")
C♯5 ("1969", "All I Want Is Everything", "Bad Religion", "Black Moon Rising", "Break The Spell", "Broken Glass", "Burning Bridges", "Can't Take It", "Close To Me", "Confusicus", "Creator Of Time", "Cry No More", "Demon Driver", "Devil In Disguise", "Dragonfly", "Emposium", "Exposure", "Eye For An Eye", "Faultline", "Feeling Like A Rolling Stone", "Final Curtain", "Flirting With Your Wesson", "Forever Is A Long Time", "Free Yourself", "How Many Miles To Babylon", "I'm My Own Enemy", "Itch", "Let Me Love You", "Like Jonah", "Love Is Meant To Last Forever", "Material World", "Miracle Man", "New Generation", "Oh Rendezvous", "Restless In Seattle", "See You In Hell (Don't Be Late)", "Set The World On Fire", "Sin To Sin", "Someday You Are Gonna Love Someone", "Sphere Of Fantasy", "Squealer", "Standing In The Rain", "The Talisman", "Teaser", "Vodka And Ice", "Visions Of New Dawn", "What Do You Want")
C5 ("A Wonderful Illusion", "Above And Beyond", "Angel Eyes", "The Ashen Soul", "Back On The Streets", "Bad Madman", "Beggars Lane", "Black Widow", "Burn Forever", "Burning Eyes", "C'est La Vie", "Carolina", "Carry On", "Changes", "Closer To The Fire", "Cosmic Roundabout", "Cosmic Virus", "Don't Close Your Eyes", "The Eagle", "The Empire Of The Sun", "Eternal Flame", "Get A Good Thing Going", "Give Me A Reason", "Hold On", "If You Say It's Over", "Knowing You", "Livin' On Lies", "Marilyn", "Miracle Man", "Mr. Chairman",  "Need A Little Help", "No Mercy", "Ocean Wings", "Optical Illusion", "Out Of The Bunker", "Standing Alone", "Take Me Home", "Time Requiem", "Voodoo Treasure", "We'll Do What It Takes Together", "World War II")
B4 ("1969", "A Place In The Sun", "A Snake In Paradise", "Above And Beyond", "All I Want To Everything", "Alone", "At The Speed Of Light", "Attar Of Roses", "Bad Religion", "Black Magic", "Broken Glass", "Can't Take It", "Common People", "Communication Breakdown", "Confusicus", "Creator Of Time", "Day Of The Eagle", "Desecration", "Diamond Mistress", "Don't Look Around", "Emposium", "Everything's Gonna Be Alright", "Flirting With Your Wesson", "Flyin' Blind", "Fool In Love", "Forever By Your Side", "Free Yourself", "Glorified", "Green Mile", "I'll Be There For You", "I'm My Own Enemy", "In My Mind", "Ïn The Mirror", "Judas", "Give It Back", "Lay Down Your Arms", "Left On A Dream", "Let In Hollywood", "Lex The Fly", "Look In Your Eyes", "Lost Without You", "Loving Eyes", "Made For Paradise", "Making Love", "No More I Love You", "Overloaded", "Ray Of Sunshine", "Run Boy", "Samurai", "Save Our Love", "Shine", "Sneaker", "Someday You Are Gonna Love Someone", "Standing In The Rain", "Tell Me Why", "There's Nothing Wrong With The World", "Time", "Turn Me Loose", "Two Of A Kind", "Visions Of New Dawn", "What Do You Want", "When The World Is Caving In", "You", "You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget")
B♭4 ("All I Want Is Everything", "April Skies", "Astray", "Bedroom Eyes", "Beggars Lane", "Black Moon Rising", "Break The Spell", "Burning Bridges", "C'est La Vie", "Creator Of Time", "Confusicus", "Day By Day", "Faultline", "Final Curtain", "Forest Song", "Give Me A Reason", "Golden Sea", "Heart Of A Hero", "Highroler", "In Chains", "In Memorial Of...", "In The Arms Of Love", "In The Mirror", "Itch", "Keeping You On My Mind", "Land Of The Dark", "The Last Viking", "Live On Love", "Making Love", "Motherless Child", "New Generation", "Ocean Wings", "The Rapture Of Cannaa", "Set The World On Fire", "Shades Of Grey",  "Ship Of Fools", "Space Race No. 3", "Sphere Of Fantasy", "The Spirit Remains The Same", "Waves Of The Sea (Taj Mahal, Part III)", "Who's The Boss In The Factory?", "Wings Of History")

Significant Low Notes:

E♭3 ("Celebration", "Final Curtain", "It's Human Nature", "Live On Love", "Making Love", "Need A Little Help", "Northern Light", "Set The World On Fire", "Take Me Home")
D3 ("1969", "A Wonderful Illusion", "Believe In A Miracle", "Closer To The Fire", "The Day The Music Died", "Day Of The Eagle", "Deep Wood", "Don't Ask Me Why", "El Nino", "Eve", "Eye For An Eye", "Flyin' Blind", "Forever By Your Side", "Free Yourself", "Kite Of Love", "Let In Hollywood", "Loving Eyes", "Marilyn", "Mr. Chairman", "Secret Love", "The Spirit Remains The Same", "Tables Turning", "Talk To Me", "Thorns Of Life", "Time", "Waves Of The Sea (Taj Mahal, Part III)", "Wings Of History", "World War II", "You", "You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget")
C♯3 ("A Snake In Paradise", "Cosmic Roundabout", "Feeling Like A Rolling Stone", "Keeping You On My Mind", "Kite Of Love", "Lost Without You", "Restless In Seattle", "Take Me Home", "Virtual Reality", "When Fear Came To Town")
C3 ("Bad Madman", "The Battle Of The Bridge", "Black Widow", "Did You Really?", "Free Floating", "Get A Good Thing Going", "Good Luck Charm", "Part Time Lovers", "Time Requiem", "Vanity Fair", "Waiting For A Miracle")
B2 ("Eternally Part 2", "In Memorial Of...", "Is This The End?", "The Man In The Moon Cries", "Space Race No. 3", "Standing Invitation", "XSavior")
B♭2 ("Ship Of Fools")
A2 ("At The Speed Of Light", "El Nino", "Eve", "Good Luck Charm", "Language Of Love", "No More I Love You", "Send A Message From The Heart")
G2 ("The Battle Of The Bridge", "Bite The Grit", "Cosmic Virus", "XSavior")
F♯2 ("Material World")
F2 ("Cosmic Virus")
E2 ("A Snake In Paradise", "At The Speed Of Light", "Is This The End?", "Green Mile", "Who's The Boss In This Factory?", "Two Blocks From The Factory")
D2 ("By The Golden River", "Welcome To Paradise")

Göran Edman is a Swedish heavy metal/hard rock vocalist, most well-known for his work with Yngwie Malmsteen. He has a very light and great voice. Despite the fact that he's sometimes off-pitch and his higher register sounds weird at times, he's a great underrated heavy metal singer.

Once again, apologies for song names appearing more than once, but this guy hits so many high notes I can't just pick one.

*Purple marks notes in backing vocals.
*Italics mark non-melodic notes.


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