Chuck Mosley

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Chuck Mosley

Post  INFINITE POTATO on Sat Aug 16, 2014 8:20 am

Voice type: Tenor?

Significant high notes:

F6 (Faster Disco)
F5 (Faster Disco)
D5 (Anne's Song)
B4 (Faster Disco, Introduce Yourself)
B♭4 (Introduce Yourself)
A4 (Faster Disco, Anne's Song, Introduce Yourself, Chinese Arithmatic, Death Matic, We Care A lot, Rn'r, I Against I)

Significant low notes:

G2 (Anne's Song)
G♯2 (Chinese Arithmetic)
A2 (Faster Disco)
B♭2 (Chinese Arithmetic)
B2 (Anne's Song,Rn'r)
C3 (Anne's Song, Chinese Arithmetic, Death March, I Against I)

*purple marks notes in backing vocals or notes muffled in the mix
*Italics marks non-sung notes.
* Green marks harsh or distorted notes

Does anyone know what Bad Brains albums he sings on? I on notewatched his FNM stuff


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