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Kelly Jones

Post  Starman on Wed Aug 13, 2014 1:58 pm

Voice Type: Tenor
Vocal Range: G♯2-E5

Significant High Notes:

  • E5 (''Pick A Part That's New'')
  • D5 (''Tie Me Up Tie Me Down'')
  • C♯5 (''Looks Like Chaplin'')
  • C5 (''Mr. Writer'', ''Raymond's Shop'', ''Roll Up And Shine'')
  • B4 (''A Thousand Trees'', ''Chris Chambers'', ''Raymond's Shop'')
  • B♭4 (''The Last Resort'', ''Maybe Tomorrow'', ''Roll Up And Shine'')
  • A4 (''A Minute Longer'', ''The Bartender And The Thief'', ''Billy Davey's Daughter'', ''Buy Myself A Small Plane'', ''Check My eyelids For Holes'', ''I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio'', ''Just Looking'', ''Last Of The Big Time Drinkers'', ''More Life In A Tramp's Vest'', ''Summertime'', ''Too Many Sandwiches'')
  • G♯4 (''Mr. Writer'')
  • G4 (''Carrot Cake And Wine'', ''Goldfish Bowl'', ''I Stopped To Fill Up My Car'', ''Not Up To You'', ''Plastic California'', ''T-Shirt Sun Tan'', ''She Takes Her Clothes Off'', ''Who'll Stop The Rain'')
  • F♯4 (''Half The Lies You tell Aren't True'', ''Lying In the Sun'', ''Poppy Day'', ''Same Size feet'', ''Vegas Two Times'')

Significant Low Notes:

  • F3 (''Hurry Up And Wait'', ''Mr Writer'')
  • E3 (''Fiddlers Green'', ''Looks Like Chaplin'', ''Pick A Part That's New'', ''T-Shirt Sun Tan'')
  • E♭3 (''Lying In The Sun'', ''Same Size Feet'')
  • D3 (''Chris Chambers'', ''Home To Me'', ''Just Looking'', ''The Last Resort'', ''Not Up To You'', ''Positively 4th Street'', ''Summertime'', ''Sunday Afternoon'', ''Tie Me Up Tie Me Down'', ''Who'll Stop The Rain'')
  • C♯3 (''Is Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today?'', ''Same Size Feet'')
  • C3 (''Buy Myself A Small Plane'')
  • G♯2 (''Same Size Feet'')

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