Jason Segal

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Jason Segal

Post  Starman on Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:08 am

Voice Type: Baritone
Vocal Range: G2-G♯5

Significant High Notes:

  • G♯5 (''Limelight'')
  • D5 (''Dracula Lament'' live)
  • C♯5 (''Lady L'')
  • C5 (''Limelight'', ''Happy Happy Lily Day'')
  • B4 (''Spirit of The Radio'', ''Limelight'')
  • B♭4 (''There Is A Castle On A Cloud'' (live on Elllen 2014))
  • A4(''Dracula Lament'', ''Limelight'', ''500 Miles'', ''Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit'', ''Man Or Muppet'')
  • G♯4 (''The Confrontation'' live)
  • G4 (''Man Or Muppet'')
  • F♯4 (''Lady L'', ''The Confrontation'' live)
  • F4 ( ''Peter, You Suck'', ''Tom Sawyer'', ''Life's A Happy Song'', ''Man Or Muppet'', ''A Taste For Love'')

Significant Low Notes:

  • C3 (''Dracula Lament'', ''Life's A Happy Song'', ''Happy Happy Lily Day'')
  • B2 (''Paying My Bills'', ''Studying Law'')
  • A2 (''Paying My Bills'', ''Imposing Marshall Law'')
  • G2 (''Life's A Happy Song'', ''Happy Happy Lily Day'')
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