Joseph Gordon Levitt

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Joseph Gordon Levitt

Post  Starman on Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:05 am

Voice Type: Tenor
Sung Range: C♯2-G5

Significant High Notes:

  • G5 (''You're Not The Only One'')
  • F♯5 (''Hey Jude'' (live))
  • F5 (''Ignition'' (live))
  • E5 (''Ignition'' (live), ''Good Vibrations'')
  • E♭5 (''Hey Jude'' (live))
  • D5 (''Thriller'' (live))
  • C5 (''Ignition'' (live), ''Thriller'' (live), ''Redneck Woman'' (live))
  • B4 (''You Can't Hurry Love'' (live))
  • B♭4 (''Don't Look Back In Anger'' (live), ''Lithium'' (live), ''Who's Loving You'' (live), ''Redneck Woman'' (live))
  • A4 (''Natural Woman'' (live), ''What Are You Doing New Year's Eve'', ''Lithium'' (live), ''Ignition'' (live), ''Who's Loving You'' (live), ''Express Yourself'' (live), ''Thriller'' (live), ''Don't Look Back In Anger'' (live), ''With A Little Help From My Friends'' (live), ''La Valse A Mille Temps'' (live), ''A War Song On Christmas'' (live))
  • G♯4 (''You Can't Hurry Love'' (live), ''Express Yourself'' (live), ''Blind Love'', ''Alcohol'')
  • G4 (''Thriller'' (live), ''Le Petit Soldat'' (live), ''Ignition'' (live), ''Here Comes Your Man'', ''La Bamba'' (live), ''Lithium'' (live), ''Don't Look Back In Anger'' (live), ''Major Tom'', ''J'ai Dit A Mon Coeur'', ''You're Not The Only One'')

Significant Low Notes:

  • C3 (''La Valse A Mille Temps'', ''I Don't Want To Live On The Moon'', ''Loops'')
  • B2 (''Twist And Shout'' (live), ''Major Tom'', ''Bad Romance'' (live), ''See Through'', ''Nothing Big'')
  • A2 (''Thriller'' (live), ''I Don't Want To Live On The Moon'', ''Je Reve A Toi'', ''You're Not The Only One'')
  • G♯2 (''Ignition'' (live), ''Midnight Radio'' (live))
  • G2 (''Thriller'' (live))
  • E2 (''Le Petit Soldat'' (live), ''Bad Romance'' (live))
  • D2 (''Le Petit Soldat'' (live))
  • C♯2 (''Le Petit Soldat'' (live))
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