Beau Bokan

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Beau Bokan

Post  Timqwe on Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:32 am

Second and current singer of metalcore band Blessthefall

Voice type: Tenor
Sung range: B♭2-G5

Significant high notes:
G5- "Dream On"
E5- "Dream On"
C#5- "Hey Baby,Here's That Song", "Iris (live)"
C5- "40 Days.."
B4- "To Hell and Back", "You Deserve Nothing", "You Wear a Crown But You're No King"
B♭4- "Hey Baby,Here's That Song", "Meet Me At The Gates", "The Last Ones Left"
A4- "40 Days...", "Don't Say Goodbye", "Five,Ninety", "God Wears Gucci", "Meet Me At The Gates", "Skinwalkers", "Stay Still", "The Last Ones Left", "To Hell and Back", What's Left Of Me

Significant low notes:
F3- "Five, Ninety", "Play Video Games", "Skinwalkers", "Stay Still", "To Hell and Back
E♭3- "We'll Sleep When We're Dead"
E3- "Dream On"
D3- "Iris (live)"
C#3- "We'll Sleep When We're Dead", "You Deserve Nothing"
C3- "Iris" (live), "Stay Still"
B♭2- "Don't Say Goodbye", "Stay Still"

*Purple marks notes in backing vocals or otherwise muffled/obscured in the song mix.
*Italics mark non-melodic notes.

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