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Michael Vescera

Post  エイオーアーの門下生 on Thu Jul 03, 2014 11:59 pm

Voice’s type

High tone
B5 ('Evil in Her Eyes')
A♭5 ('Evil in Her Eyes')
G5 ('Bang 'Em Till They Bleed', 'Evil in Her Eyes', 'Shadows of Steel')
G♭5 ('Soldier of Fortune')
F5 ('Shadows of Steel', 'Something to Believe', 'Twenty-Five Days')
E5 ('In the Mirror', 'Soldier of Fortune', 'You Shook Me')
E♭5 ('Eternity', 'No Love Lost', 'Twenty-Five Days')
D5 ('Bang 'Em Till They Bleed', 'In the Mirror', 'Pain', 'Shadows of Steel', 'Soldier of Fortune', 'Twenty-Five Days')
D♭5 ('Soldier of Fortune')
C5 ('Evil in Her Eyes', 'No Love Lost', 'Something to Believe')
B4 ('Shadows of Steel', 'You Shook Me')
Low tone
E♭3 ('Eternity', 'I'd Die Without You')
A♭2 ('Eternity')

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