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Jay McGuiness

Post  jaytee on Thu Jun 19, 2014 6:40 pm

Voice type: Tenor
Vocal range: A2-B♭4

Significant High Notes
B♭4 ("Golden", "Break Your Heart", "Glow in the Dark" live in San Francisco)
A4 ("Last to Know", "Weakness")
G♯4 ("Human")
G4 ("Glad You Came", "Personal Soldier", "Break Your Heart", "Weakness", "Say it on the Radio", "I'll Be Your Strength")
F♯4 ("Weakness", "Heart Vacancy", "Mad Man", "The Fear", "All Time Low", "Lie to Me", "Turn it Off")
F4 ("I'll Be Your Strength", "Gold Forever")

Significant Low Notes
D3 ("Iris")
C♯3 ("Out of Time")
C3 ("Walks Like Rihanna", "Drunk on Love", "Warzone")
B♭2 ("Drunk on Love")
A2 ("Paradise")

Not the best technique for highs, but a bright tenor with some solid performances under his belt. Basically all notes above G4 are falsetto.
Italics marks non-sung notes.

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