Christian Älvestam

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Christian Älvestam

Post  Zedd Squared on Tue Jun 10, 2014 2:12 pm


Voice type: Holographic Tenor
Sung range: B1-A5
Total range: A1-A5

Significant high notes:

  • A5 ("The Missing Coordinates")
  • G5 ("Quantumleaper")
  • F5 ("Hybrid Cult")
  • E5 ("Into Shadow, "Lethean Tears", "Prism and Gate", "Oscillation Point", "Trapezoid")
  • E♭5 ("Ghost Prototype II - Deus Ex Machina", "Time to Let Go")
  • D5 ("Artificial Sun Projection", "Departure Theme", "Ghost Prototype I - Measurement of Thought", "Gravitational Lensing", "Lethean Tears", "Morphogenesis", "Oscillation Point", "Perfection Destroyed", "Quantumleaper", "The Kaleidoscopic God", "Timewave Zero")
  • C♯5 ("Deviate from the Form", "Dreaming 24/7", "Fearless", "Ghost Prototype I - Measurement of Thought", "Once Adreamed", "The Illusionist", "The Missing Coordinates", "The Three-Dimensional Shadow", "Timewave Zero")
  • C5 ("Artificial Sun Projection", "Departure Theme", "Prism and Gate", "The Kaleidoscopic God", "The Unforsaken")
  • B4 ("2012: The Demise of the 5th Sun", "Artificial Sun Projection", "Calculate the Apocalypse", "Carved in Stone", "Departure Theme", "Dreaming 24/7", "Fearless", "Ghost Prototype I - Measurement of Thought", "Ghost Prototype II - Deus Ex Machina", "Gravitational Lensing", "Into Shadow", "Mind Machine", "Morphogenesis", "Once Adreamed", "Quantumleaper", "Retaliator", "Spirit Side Dreaming", "Through Night-Kingdomed Gates", "Veil of Illusions")
  • B♭4 ("Deviate from the Form")
  • A4 ("Abstracted", "City of Sand Castles", "Fear Catalyst", "Into Shadow", "Lethean Tears", "Mind Machine", "Morphogenesis", "Oscillation Point", "Prism and Gate", "Seeds of Rebellion", "Slaves to the Subliminal", "The Eleventh Sphere", "The Illusionist", "The Path of Least Resistance", "The Three-Dimensional Shadow", "Through Night-Kingdomed Gates", "Time to Let Go", "Timewave Zero", "Trapezoid")
  • G♯4 ("2012: The Demise of the 5th Sun", "Carved in Stone", "Dreaming 24/7", "Ghost Prototype II - Deus Ex Machina", "Holographic Universe", "Hybrid Cult", "Now and Forever", "Obscure Alliance", "Once Adreamed", "Origins", "Seeds of Rebellion", "The Illusionist", "The Missing Coordinates", "The Unforsaken")

Significant low notes:

  • F♯3 ("Artificial Sun Projection", "Carved in Stone", "Deviate from the Form", "Into Shadow", "The Illusionist", "Time to Let Go", "Trapezoid")
  • F3 ("Detach from the Outcome", "Orchestrate the Infinite", "Quantumleaper")
  • E3 ("Departure Theme", "Dreaming 24/7", "Fearless", "Gravitational Lensing", "Once Adreamed", "Reborn", "Seeds of Rebellion", "Trapezoid", "Veil of Illusions")
  • E♭3 ("Calculate the Apocalypse", "Dominion", "Dying Breed", "En Knippa Ljung", "I Remember You", "Now and Forever")
  • D3 ("Chaosweaver", "Lethean Tears")
  • C♯3 ("Veil of Illusions")
  • C3 ("The Unforsaken")
  • B2 ("Gravitational Lensing", "Into Shadow", "The Eleventh Sphere", "Underneath the Surface")
  • E2 ("Prism and Gate")
  • B1 ("Underneath the Surface")
  • A1 ("Pitch Black Progress")

Christian Älvestam is most known for being the remarkable ex lead singer from modern melodic death metal giants Scar Symmetry, and also for currently fronting Solution .45 and Miseration. He's got a bright, soaring clean tone in his higher range with the ability to manipulate distortion when he wishes to as well, capping off in his trademark growls. As you can see, he very seldomly has explored his lower range but his general mid range singing demonstrates great character as well.
*Underlines mark notes in backing vocals or otherwise obscured in the song mix.
*Green marks notably distorted and/or screamed notes.
*Blue marks notes hit in a clear falsetto.
*Italics marks notes non-sung notes.

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Re: Christian Älvestam

Post  Shikkaku on Wed Jun 11, 2014 3:50 am

AMAAAAAAAAAZIIIIIINNNNNNGG vocalist. I love you for making a thread for him.
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