Emeli Sandé

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Emeli Sandé

Post  Starman on Mon Jun 02, 2014 1:14 am

Voice Type: Mezzo Soprano
Vocal Range: D3-F5

Significant High Notes:

  • F5 (''My Kind Of Love'')
  • E5 (''Next To Me'')
  • E♭5 (''Heaven'')
  • D5 (''Next To Me'', ''Clown'', ''Beneath Your Beautiful'', ''Wonder'', ''Maybe'')
  • C♯5 (''Heaven'', ''My Kind Of Love'', ''Read All About It (Pt. III)'', ''Daddy'', ''Suitcase'', ''Lifetime'')
  • C5 (''Next To Me'', ''My Kind Of Love'', ''Where I Sleep'', ''Clown'', ''Wonder'', ''Beneath Your Beautiful'', ''Imagine'', ''Daddy'', ''Maybe'', ''River'', ''Hope'', ''Easier In Bed'', ''Here It Comes'')
  • B4 (''Heaven'', ''Clown'', ''Read All About It (Pt. III)'', ''Beneath Your Beautiful'', ''Mountains'', ''Suitcase'', ''River'', ''Lifetime'', ''Hope'', ''Here It Comes'')
  • B♭4 (''My Kind Of Love'', ''Daddy'', ''Tiger'', ''Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall'')
  • A4 (''Next To Me'', ''Where I Sleep'', ''Read All About It (pt.III)'', ''Wonder'', ''Beneath Your Beautiful'', ''Imagine'', ''Maybe'', ''River'', ''Hope'')

Significant Low Notes:

  • G♯3 ('My Kind Of Love'', ''Mountains'', ''Lifetime'', ''Hope'', ''Abide With Me'')
  • G3 (''Where I Sleep'', ''Clown'')
  • F♯3 (''Clown'', ''Read All About It (pt.III)'', ''Beneath Your Beautiful'', ''Mountains'')
  • F3 (''Daddy'', ''Maybe'')
  • E3 (''Beneath Your Beautiful'', ''Mountains'')
  • D3 (''Maybe'')

She only has one studio album so this is it for now. Really great voice though, definitely worthy of a thread. Just gotta watch some guest vocal performances and live covers now.
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