Josh Turner - Would You Go With Me

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Josh Turner - Would You Go With Me

Post  Shikkaku on Tue May 13, 2014 10:31 am

I haven't been singing for a really long period of time, but I took advantage of a slightly darker sounding voice I got today and recorded a quick-sung-over-the-original-with-the-vocals-panned-slightly-to-the-right (sorry for that!) cover of this song by Josh Turner. Feel free to point anything and I'll be very open to any criticism.

HERE's the original if you never heard it.
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Re: Josh Turner - Would You Go With Me

Post  Broses on Fri May 23, 2014 1:08 pm

Well, you sound similar, and from what I can hear, you have a pleasant lower tone, but, why exactly *did* you record it that way? I can hear you in the somewhat higher parts, but the lower parts I'm not sure who is behind the other, you guys sort of just get tangled up in one low booming vocalization. Laughing

What I did hear, I liked. Just disappointing that you didn't just record it alone, it'd be easier to make any constructive critiques. Your voice sounds like it strains a bit on parts that don't sound like they need to be..

Like, you try to hard to dramatize the phrasing and it sounds forced rather than sounding powerful or dramatic like you'd probably tried to make it sound.. I say next time, just sing it with a relaxed tone, don't focus on making sure there's vibrato or anything. To me, I think it'd sound better. Of course, I could easily be wrong. Smile Just trying to be helpful here.


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