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Post  Guest on Wed Mar 19, 2014 9:14 pm

The main reason for making this announcement is that we have nullified the "Most Depressing Vocals" category and removed all the other categories that are like it (Most Cheery Vocals etc.), due to the fact that they were too vague and subjective. Obviously there's inherent subjectivity in all the categories, which is why we have the rating system, however in these categories whether or not something fit the category perfectly or didn't even belong in the category was purely a matter of opinion, which we decided was too much. I realise some users did well in the category and that nullifying the result hurts them, however lets not point finger and say that the people running the Clip Off are at fault here; "We all wanted this, because we all let it happen". Gildenlöw jokes aside, this is our fault and not that of the participants, so to try and make up for the mistake, everyone who participated in Round 4 will be able to use whatever combination of their vocalists they want to for round 5.

Now, onto the rest of the announcement. Partly due to the fact that the Poll on the Ranking System only garnered 8 votes(which isn't even half of the participants) and partly due to discussion about what system is optimal, we've decided on using a mix of the Win system and the average system which works as follows:

Game Score = Overall Average + Wins / Total Weeks Participated In + Weeks Participated In / Total Weeks

The last part of this announcement, which is probably the most important part for all participants, is that from now on all users must vote on at least half the clips posted that week. If a participant fails to do this, their score for the round will be lowered by 0.05 for every user who's clips they did not vote on. Keep in mind if lots of people ignore this and continue their habit of not voting, the penalty will be increased.

If you want to comment on the announcement follow this link to the main announcement thread.

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