Phil Mogg [UFO]

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Phil Mogg [UFO]

Post  Guest on Tue Mar 11, 2014 6:01 am

Vocal range: C3-E♭5
Voice type: Tenor
High notes:
("Hell Driver")
C5 ("Anyday")
B4 ("Highway Lady")
B♭4 ("Anyday", "Queen of the Deep")
A4 ("Anyday", "Highway Lady", "Lights Out", "Martian Landscape", "Only You Can Rock Me", "Rock Bottom", "Time on My Hands", "Too Hot to Handle", "Wonderland")
G♯4 ("Electric Phase", "Fool in Love", "Gettin' Ready", "Just Another Suicide", "Lights Out", "Love to Love", "Only You Can Rock Me", "Pack It Up (And Go)", "Queen of the Deep", "Too Hot to Handle")
G4 ("Ain't No Baby", "Anyday", "Built for Comfort", "Doctor Doctor", "Electric Phase", "Fight Night", "Gettin' Ready", "Hell Driver", "Love to Love", "Martian Landscape", "Oh My", "Only You Can Rock Me", "Pack It Up (And Go)", "Rock Bottom", "Space Child", "Time on My Hands", "Too Young to Know", "Try Me")
F♯4 ("Crystal Light", "Electric Phase", "Gettin' Ready", "Hell Driver", "Highway Lady", "Just Another Suicide", "Lights Out", "Oh My", "Only You Can Rock Me", "Queen of the Deep", "Too Hot to Handle", "Too Young to Know", "Wonderland")
Low notes:
("Mojo Town")
C♯3 ("Fight Night")
D3 ("Mojo Town")
E♭3 ("Hell Driver")
E3 ("Anyday", "Fight Night", "Fool in Love", "Martian Landscape", "Wonderland")

He doesn't have the biggest range or most experimental voice, but Phil's consistent energy, passion and tone made him one of the classic and influential hard-rock singers. He never sounds strained and always delivers in a live environment. His tessitura seems to be around G3-A4.

Here's a really dynamic and passionate performance with cool melismas, 'Try Me'. Smile


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Re: Phil Mogg [UFO]

Post  KeithMoonIsGod on Tue Mar 11, 2014 6:55 am

Oh man, I love Phil Mogg. Like you said, not a rangy or super technically vocalist, but man do I adore his voice. "Lights Out" and "Rock Bottom" were big influences on me as a singer; his singing is just so effortless and passionate on both songs. Glad you made this.
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