Frode Forsmo

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Frode Forsmo

Post  Guest on Sun Mar 09, 2014 3:36 pm

Status: Unfinished

Former singer for legendary doom metal band Funeral.

Voice Type: Baritone
Vocal Range: A1-C4

Significant High Notes:

  • C4 ("Breathing Through You", "Fallen One")
  • B3 ("Red Moon")
  • A3 ("This Barren Skin", "From These Wounds", "Vagrant God")

Significant Low Notes:

  • E2 ("Breathing Through You")
  • E♭2 ("The Will To Die", "The Abscence of Heaven")
  • D2 ("The Architecture of Loss", "Towards The End", "The Strenght to End It", "The Elusive Light")
  • C♯2 ("The Architecture of Loss", "Pendulum")
  • C2 ("This Barren Skin", "The Architecture of Loss", "Saturn", "Breathing Through You")
  • B♭1 ("Red Moon")
  • A1 ("Pendulum", "Saturn", "Hunger")

Albums checked:
2006 - From These Wounds
2008 - As The Light Does The Shadow

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