Tunde Adebimpe

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Tunde Adebimpe

Post  DonutsGalacticos on Sun Mar 09, 2014 9:03 am

Voice type: Baritone
Range: < C♯2-G5 > B6

Significant High Notes

B6 ("DLZ")
G5 ("Red Dress")
C5 ("Dancing Choose", "Golden Age", "Will Do", "Mercy")
B4 ("Halfway Home")
A4 ("Will Do - Live @ Letterman", "No Future Shock")
G4 ("Crying", "Wolf Like Me", "Mercy")
F♯4 ("Family Tree", "Lover's Day", "Love Dog")
F4 ("Red Dress", "Shoot Me Out", "Will Do")

Significant Low Notes

B2 ("Halfway Home")
A2 ("Stork & Owl")
G♯2 ("Lover's Day")
F♯2 ("DLZ")
F2 ("Golden Age", "Second Song")
E♭2 ("Shoot Me Out")
D2 ("Red Dress", "Keep Your Heart")
C♯2 ("Family Tree")

What a sweet soothing voice this guy has <3 i'm in love, his band is amazing.


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