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Tom Wilson

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Voice type: Baritone
Recorded Vocal Range: A1-B4

Significant high notes:

  • B4 ("Jesus Sings the Blues", "Big Daddy", "Fun House '69")
  • A4 ("This Old Man's Too Drunk to Drive", "Birthday Boy", "Flood")
  • G4 ("Chunk (Port Dover)", "Down in The Liver")
  • F♯4 ("The Sky is Fallin'", "The Buffalo Skinner", "Shine" live)
  • F4 ("Fuzz")
  • E4 ("The Sky is Fallin'", "Chunk (Port Dover)", "Fun House '69", "Shine")
  • E♭4 ("Big Brown Turtle", "The Buffalo Skinner")
  • D4 ("3 A.M.", "Be Someone", "Pearly White", "Praying for the Rain", "Super Sun Natural", "This Kitchen Feels Like Home")

Significant low notes:

  • B♭2 ("Big Brown Turtle", "The Waiting")
  • A2 ("Caves", "Flood", "Super Sun Natural", "Because of You", "Romeo's Barbershop", "Little Domino", "I'm Going to Stay that Way")
  • G♯2 ("The Buffalo Skinner")
  • G2 ("#1 Joy Ride", "3 A.M.", "Dreamland", "Drink", "Pearly White", "Stone Horses")
  • F♯2 ("Praying for the Rain")
  • F2 ("#1 Joy Ride", "Drink", "Pearly White", "Queen Bee", "Shine", "Still Water" live 1995)
  • E2 ("Jesus Sings the Blues", "Stone Horses", "Chunk (Port Dover)", "Big Daddy", "Superscar", "Shine" live on the Camilla Scott Show 1997)
  • E♭2 ("Weight on Me Mama", "Gimme the Love", "Shine" live on the Camilla Scott Show 1997)
  • D2 ("Stone Horses", "Praying for the Rain", "Be Someone", "Burned Out Car", "Drink", "Shovel", "Because of You")
  • C♯2 ("The Sky is Fallin'", "Gimme the Love", "No Way Out of Love (The Rounder)")
  • C2 ("The Waiting", "Drink", "Still Water" live 1995, "Stoned", "Tell It Like It Is", "Dreamland")
  • B1 ("The Sky is Fallin'", "Chunk (Port Dover)", "Burn for You")
  • A1 ("Flood")

*Underlines mark notes in backing vocals or otherwise muffled/obscured in the mix.
*Blue marks soft falsetto notes.
*Green marks harsh screamed notes.
*Italics marks non-melodic/non-sung notes.

A fairly obscure Canadian musician that has sang for bands such as Junkhouse, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, and LeE HARVeY OsMOND (sic) in addition to his solo career. Possesses a fairly prolific low register he uses to great effect, having noticeably similar qualities to Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen at times. His high range is much lighter and less comfortable in comparison, oddly having a Neil Young-esque twang when hits his high mid range and above. Seeing as he's dabbled in hard rock, folk, alt country and other genres he's fairly diverse musically as well.

Examples of singing:

One of his "rangiest" performances, at one point he jumps straight from an E2 to a B4!

Pretty easy lows in the chorus.
Strong melodic singing down to E2/D2, in one of his more country-esque songs.

His most "successful" song, featuring a descending verse melody that seems fairly comfortable for him.

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