Brigitte Kaandorp(Dutch Comedian)

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Brigitte Kaandorp(Dutch Comedian)

Post  Roehoer on Tue Jan 28, 2014 12:56 am

Voice type: Alto
Sung range: C3-C♯6
Total range: C3-D6

Significant high notes:

D6 ("Everything Is Gonna Be Alright Tonight")
C♯6 ("Opera In Cabaret Voor Beginners")
B♭5 ("Opera In Cabaret Voor Beginners")
A5 ("Heut' Kommt Der Hans Nach Haus'", "Wie Komt Er Alle Jaren?")
G♯5 ("Opera in Cabaret Voor Beginners")
G5 ("Wie Komt Er Alle Jaren?")
F♯5 ("Everything Is Gonna Be Alright Tonight")
F5 ("Radiografisch Bestuurbare Zeilboot")
E5 ("Wie Komt Er Alle Jaren?")
D5 ("Buurvrouw", "Everything Is Gonna Be Alright Tonight", "Nooit Aan Jou", "Radiografisch Bestuurbare Zeilboot", "Wie Komt Er Alle Jaren?")
C♯5 ("Blijf Altijd Bij Mij", "Lellebel")
C5 ("Andries Knevel", "Lieve Koningin", "Vuurwerk En Violen")
B4 ("Everything Is Gonna Be Alright Tonight", "Lente", "Lieve Koningin", "Nooit Aan Jou", "Vuurwerk En Violen")

Significant low notes:

C3 ("De Hij(She)")
D3 ("Lieve Koningin", "Vuurwerk En Violen")
E♭3 ("Geen Kind Meer", "Lieve Koningin", "Vuurwerk En Violen")
E3 ("Annelies Van Der Pies", "De Hij(She)", "Grote Blote Man", "Ik Ben Ziek En Jij Gaat Dood", "Lieve Koningin", "Wie Komt Er Alle Jaren?")
F3 ("Andries Knevel", "De Hij(She)", "Ik Ben Ziek En Jij Gaat Dood", "Ik Heb Een Heel Zwaar Leven", "Lente")

*Italics mark non-sung notes.

Brigitte Kaandorp is a Dutch comedian, mainly known for the large number of songs she sings during shows. She actually has a very decent voice and I really love her solid lower notes. She can sound a bit shaky going above A4 so she either sings them with a funny touch to them or she goes for an operatic vibrato approach. It seems like she has been taking opera lessons and in her show "Cabaret voor beginners" there is a small section in which she sings a little bit of opera, in which she reaches some magnificent C♯6's. Very impressive.

I have notewatched far from all of her material, because she has over 30 years of material to go through. But here's a start, I'll probably add notes during the next weeks.

Examples of her singing:

Nice lows bottoming at F3 and highs up to C5 at 1:29

That vibrato is insane. Tons of D5's and an F5 at 2:50

G#5's, Bb5's and C#6's around the 40 minute mark

Beautiful comfortable F3's and E3's throughout the song. Also a strong C3 at 2:32


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