Nina Gordon

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Nina Gordon

Post  Sandblasted on Sun Jan 12, 2014 5:18 pm

Recorded Vocal Range: E3-F♯5

Significant high notes:
F♯5 ("Suffragette")
F5 ("All Hail Me", "Hate Your Way")
E5 ("All Hail Me", "Awesome")
E♭5 ("Sundown")
D5 ("Awesome", "Badway", "Black and Blonde" Veruca Salt version, "Fade to Black", "Hate Your Way", "Hold On to Me", "Horses in the City", "I'm Taking Europe With Me", "Loneliness is Worse", "Number One Camera", "Prince of Wales", "Shimmer Like A Girl", "Stoneface" live 1995, "Venus Man Trap", "Victrola", "Volcano Girls")
C♯5 ("2003", "Lost to Me", "Now I Can Die", "Straight", "Suffragette", "Too Slow to Ride")
C5 ("Badway", "Black and Blonde", "Benjamin", "Celebrate You", "Earthcrosser", "Empty Bottle", "Fly", "Horses in the City", "Laughing in the Sugar Bowl", "The Museum of Broken Relationships", "Shutterbug", "Stoneface", "Too Slow to Ride", "Tonight and the Rest of My Life", "Triage", "With David Bowie")
B4 ("2003", "Badway", "Christmas Lights", "Don't Make Me Prove It", "Fade to Black", "Hold On to Me", "Horses in the City", "I'm Telling You Now", "Kiss Me 'Til it Bleeds", "Loneliness is Worse", "Love You Less", "Number One Camera", "Prince of Wales", "She's A Brain", "Sound of the Bell", "The End of the World", "The Morning Sad", "Volcano Girls", "Wolf")

Significant low notes:

B3 ("I'm Telling You Now", "Loneliness is Worse", "She's A Brain", "Suffragette", "The End of the World", "The Gospel According to Saint Me", "The Morning Sad", "Volcano Girls", "Wolf")
B♭3 ("Don't Let Me Down", "Hate Your Way", "One Last Time", "Seether", "Stoneface")
A3 ("25", "2003", "Awesome", "Christmas Lights", "Come Clean, Dark Thing", "Get Back", "I'm Telling You Now", "I'm Taking Europe With Me", "Loneliness is Worse", "Love You Less", "New Year's Eve", "One Last Time", "Shutterbug", "Sleeper Car", "Sleeping Where I Want", "Sound of the Bell", "The Sound of Leaving", "Tonight and the Rest of My Life", "Twinstar", "Wolf")
G♯3 ("2003", "Hate Your Way", "Hey Little Ghost/Seether" live, "Lost to Me", "Now I Can Die", "...Said Sadly", "Seether", "The End of the World", "Too Slow to Ride")
G3 ("Alternica", "Aurora", "Badway", "Benjamin", "Don't Let Me Down", "Earthcrosser", "Got Me Down", "Hold On to Me", "Horses in the City", "Kiss Me 'Til it Bleeds", "Loneliness is Worse", "My Sharona", "New Year's Eve", "Number One Camera", "Sleeping Where I Want", "Tonight and the Rest of My Life")
F♯3 ("Kiss Me 'Til it Bleeds", "Number One Camera", "...Said Sadly", "Sleeping Where I Want", "Straight Outta Compton", "Suffragette", "Triage")
F3 ("The Museum of Broken Relationships")
E3 ("Empty Bottle", "Lost to Me", "Love You Less", "Suffragette")
*Purple marks notes in backing vocals or otherwise muffled/obscured in the mix.
*Italics marks spoken notes.

One of co-lead vocalists for alternative rock band Veruca Salt, and the one responsible for their biggest songs "Seether" (yes, the song "that" band was named after, don't get me started on their cover) and "Volcano Girls", and of course the best rap cover ever . Pretty light and girlish timbre, maturing when she started her solo career to appeal for the more "adult alternative" crowd, her style of music certainly doesn't really demand high notes but when she does hit them they tend to be pretty effortless and powerful, and while it certainly looks like she doesn't seem to mind making use of her warm lower register she hasn't seemed to developed it much past G3. She's recently come back to VS so it will be interesting to see what see does on the upcoming album.
Examples of singing:

Right off the bat (:15) some pretty damn effortless F5/E5s, she usually did them much softer live tho oddly enough. (Louise sings lead on the rest of this song but they do it in a kind of odd call-and-response sorta way in addition to their usual harmonies)

Might as well put this here since it's obligatory anyway, still it's a good introduction to her general sound.

Same reason as above, altho this features some stronger higher singing.

One of the best songs written by her and possibly the most epic D5 EVER at around 3:52.

Her debut solo single, showing her more matured timbre and style.
P.S. While I remembered which notes backing vox in her Veruca Salt stuff I actually I don't remember which is what in her solo songs, guess I'll double check when I decide to listen to them all the way through

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Re: Nina Gordon

Post  B6 on Sun Jan 12, 2014 9:39 pm

Sandblasted wrote:

One of the best songs written by her and possibly the most epic D5 EVER at around 3:52.
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