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Alex Callier

Post  B6 on Mon Dec 16, 2013 11:18 am

Significant high notes:

  • D5 ("Is It Love")
  • C5 ("The World Is Mine" live Rock Werchter 2006, "We Should've Known Better")
  • B♭4 ("Let It Go", "The World Is Mine", "We Should've Known Better")
  • A4 ("Expedition Impossible" alternate version, "Space Needle", "Stranger", "The Eclipse Song")
  • G♯4 ("Let It Go")
  • G4 ("Stranger", "Sunday Morning" demo, "The Eclipse Song")
  • F4 ("Diep", "Is It Love", "Space Needle", "Stranger", "The Eclipse Song", "We Should've Known Better")
  • E4 ("A12", "Expedition Impossible" alternate version, "Let It Go", "Space Needle", "Stranger", "Sunday Morning" demo)
  • D4 ("A12", "Blue Wonder Power Milk", "Diep", "Electro Shock Faders", "50 Watt", "Is It Love", "Satin Doll", Space Needle", "The Eclipse Song", "Thin Escape In E Minor", "Twelve")

Significant low notes:

  • D3 ("Circles", "Diep", "Electro Shock Faders", "Expedition Impossible", "We Should've Known Better")
  • C♯3 ("Let It Go", "Sunday Morning" demo)
  • C3 ("Diep", "Electro Shock Faders", "Gentle Storm", "50 Watt")
  • B2 ("Blue Wonder Power Milk", "No More Sweet Music", "Twelve")
  • B♭2 ("Is It Love", "Let It Go", "Out Of Tune", "We Should've Known Better")
  • A2 ("A12", "Dictionary", "Gentle Storm", "Satin Doll", "Thin Escape In E Minor")
  • G2 ("Eden", "Electro Shock Faders", "It Is Love", "Thin Escape In E Minor")
  • F♯2 ("A12", "Lung")
  • E2 ("Lung")
  • D2 ("Ginger" alternate version)
  • (?)G1 ("Ginger" alternate version)

*Purple marks notes in backing vocals.

Mostly known as the main composer and bass and keyboard player of Hooverphonic, though as you can see he's done some vocals too here and there (mostly in the Blue Wonder Power Milk and The President of the LSD Golf Club albums). The few vocals he's done are pretty distinctive, with their weirdly breathy tone, and often rather strong low notes.
Singing examples:

Some very strong A2 singing.
Short but pretty solid G2s and some C4s and D4s here, pleasantly hypnotic singing.
Somewhat less pleasant singing with very breathy B2s, C4s and D4s. Weird song which I also like a lot (like all other Hooverphonic songs anyway Blushing).
Very nice stuff here.
You can check the other songs by yourself anyway, you won't regret it (I hope).
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