Kal Swan

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Kal Swan

Post  Guest on Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:49 am

Voice type: Baritone
Vocal range: B2-G♯5
High notes:

G♯5 ("In the Name of Love")
F♯5 ("Death on Legs")
F5 ("Armed and Dangerous", "Shout It Out")
E♭5 ("Armed and Dangerous", "Hard and Heavy", "In the Name of Love", "Shout It Out")
D5 ("The Transformers")
C♯5 ("After the Fire", "Armed and Dangerous", "Death on Legs", "In the Name of Love", "Never Surrender", "Powerlove", "Shout It Out", "The Transformers")
C5 ("Fatal Attraction", "Hard and Heavy", "The Transformers")
B4 ("After the Fire", "In the Name of Love", "Never Surrender", "Skyblue & Black")
B♭4 ("After the Fire", "Armed and Dangerous", "Death on Legs", "Fatal Attraction", "Hard and Heavy", "Millwall Brick", "Powerlove", "Shout It Out", "Skyblue & Black")
A4 ("Never Surrender", "The Transformers")
Low notes:
B2 ("Believe")
C♯3 ("Believe")
E♭3 ("Skyblue & Black")
E3 ("Believe")
F♯3 ("Believe", "Skyblue & Black")
G♯3 ("Believe", "In the Name of Love", "Millwall Brick", "Skyblue & Black")


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Re: Kal Swan

Post  OldSchoolHeavyMetal on Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:53 am

Wow, expect to see a thread for this guy. I have those Lion albums and the first Bad Moon Rising.

This is probably my favorite song from Lion/BMR

Plenty of highs in that. Great guitar playing by Doug Aldrich throughout that album.

Edit: Some significant notes in the song are an E5 I hear at the beginning of the song, or at least E♭5, though it'd be nice if it were higher in the mix, as well as C5s-C♯5s in the verses and I believe the chorus as well as a scream at 3:27.

By the way, I haven't listened to Lion/BMR, but he sounds more like a tenor to me. His timbre is kind of unique, though, not quite as light as a lot of tenors, and he has an interesting sound.

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