Ahren Stringer

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Ahren Stringer

Post  Pinkie Pyro on Sun Dec 08, 2013 2:49 pm

Clean Vocals/Bass for The Amity Affliction

Voice Type: Tenor
Range: A2-E5
Significant High Notes

E5- Born to Die
D5- Born to Die
C#5- Fire or Knife, Anchors
C5- Open Letter, Geof Sux 666
B4- R.I.P Bon, Chasing Ghosts, Greens Avenue, Anchors, Fire or Knife
A4- R.I.P Bon, Chasing Ghosts, Greens Avenue,

Significant Low Notes

A2- Greens Avenue
D3- Greens Avenue
E3- Born to Die, Greens Avenue
F#3- Greens Avenue

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