Bjorgen van Essen

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Bjorgen van Essen

Post  bradphone on Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:37 pm

Bjorgen van Essen:

Voice Type: Tenor.
Vocal Range:C#3-D5

Significant High Notes:
D5("Safe To Say")
C5("One Step Closer")

B4("Against The Wall")
Bb4("Is It Me", "One Step Closer", "Safe To Say")
A4("Stay With Me")
G#4("Stay With Me", "Run Away", "Is It Me", "One Step Closer", "Anywhere From Here", "Love Will Lighten The Dark", "Against The Wall")
G4("Higher". "Love Will Lighten The Dark")

Significant Low Notes:
C#3("Anywhere From Here", "Against The Wall")

He is the singer in a famous band called Only Seven Left, he has a very nice voice and no problems of reaching into the upper 4th octave.

This is a song that showcases his vocal stamina, this really is a hard song to sing, mainly the chorus, it focusses around Eb4-G#4!

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