Jon Foreman

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Jon Foreman

Post  walkingstethoscopes on Sat Oct 26, 2013 5:23 pm

Voice type: Tenor
Vocal range: G2 - A5

Significant high notes:
A5 - "Underwater"
D5 - "Say It Like You Mean It", "Sing It Out"
C♯5 - "Free"
C5 - "Say It Like You Mean It", "The World You Want", "All Or Nothing At All", "Yet", "Lonely Nation"
B4 - "Mess of Me", "Ammunition", "Happy Is A Yuppie Word", "The Shadow Proves The Sunshine", "The Setting Sun", "Politicians", "Daisy", "Free", "Bullet Soul", "Sing It Out", "Let It Out", "Enough To Let Me Go", "Lonely Nation", "We Are One Tonight", "Awakening"
B♭4 - "Golden", "The Sound", "The Original"
A4 - "Needle and Haystack Life", "The Sound", "This Is Your Life", "More Than Fine", "Dare You To Move", "The Beautiful Letdown", "On Fire", "Easier Than Love", "The Blues", "We Are One Tonight", "Your Love Is A Song", "Always", "Slipping Away", "Ba55", "Saltwater Heart", "Life and Love and Why"
G♯4 - "Ammunition", "Redemption", "Gone", "I Dare You To Move", "Ode to Chin"
G4 - "Meant To Live", "Twenty-Four", "Lonely Nation", "Stars", "Hello Hurricane", "Yet", "Red Eyes", "Underwater", "Learning To Breathe", "Thrive"

Significant low notes:
C3 - "On Fire", "Yet", "Saltwater Heart", "Concrete Girl", "You"
B2 - "Adding To The Noise", "Happy Is A Yuppie Word", "Sing It Out", "Back To The Beginning Again", "Edge Of My Seat", "Life and Love and Why"
A2 - "The Shadow Proves The Sunshine", "Easier Than Love", "The Blues", "The Setting Sun", "Bomb", "Don't Be There"
G♯2 - "The Beautiful Letdown", "Bullet Soul"
G2 - "Needle and Haystack Life", "The World You Want", "Home"
*Orange marks notes with questionable registers: absolutely no use figuring out these.
*Blue marks probable non-modal notes.
Green marks screamed notes.
*Italics mark non-sung notes.

Jon Foreman is the rhythm guitarist and singer of the alternative rock band Switchfoot. While at the beginning of the band's career he had a somewhat more warm tone, with less focus on his high notes, as they have gone on his tone has become brighter and his higher range has strengthened significantly (for instance, compare the somewhat uncomfortable A4 in "Life and Love and Why" from 1997 to the A4s in "The Sound" from 2011).

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Re: Jon Foreman

Post  Krzysztof Raymond Howe II on Sat Apr 26, 2014 4:05 am

Terribly underrated singer, my first ever live concert was these guys at the centennial Boy Scout Jamboree and they rocked it!
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