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Jason Bieler

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Voice type: Tenor
Recorded Range: A2-E♭5

Higher notes:

  • E♭5 ("Control")
  • D5 ("Victoria")
  • C♯5 ("All Alright", "Arianne", "Beautiful", "Divine", "So Painfully")
  • C5 ("Arianne", "Control", "High", "Shadows", "Water" live)
  • B4 ("Arianne", "Come Take Me Now", "Eye of the Storm", "Fields of Rape", "How Long", "I Love You", "Love is on the Way", "On and On", "Peppermint Tribe", "Sentimental Girl", "Two Fallen", "What You Say")
  • B♭4 ("All Around", "Before the Fall", "Close to You", "Divine", "My Heart", "One Fine Day", "Savior", "The Way", "Ugly")
  • A4 ("After Me", "All Around", "All I Want", "Arianne", "Beautiful", "Beautiful and Sweet", "Chanel", "Come Take Me Now", "Control", "Dear Prudence", "Everybody", "Eye of the Storm",  "Feel the Same Way", "God of 42nd Street", "How Long", "My Heart", "My Life", "On and On", "Only One", "Reprise", "Satellite", "Spanish Rain", "Treason", "Two Fallen", "Ugly", "Victoria", "What You Say", "Who Do You Love", "World Goes Round")
  • G♯4 ("Before the Fall", "Chanel", "Colors", "Coming Home", "Divine", "Edgar", "Freedom", "Flesh and Bone", "Hostile Youth", "Killing Ground", "Love of God", "One Fine Day", "One Step Closer", "Russian Girl", "The Lizard", "Torture", "Two Fallen", "Water", "You And I")

Lower notes:

  • E3 ("Believe", "High", "The Way", "Victoria")
  • E♭3 ("Before the Fall", "Close to You" "Wonderwall", "Divine", "Sentimental Girl", "The Way", "Water")
  • D3 ("Arianne", "One Fine Day", "Satellite", "Spanish Rain", "Treason")
  • C♯3 ("Before the Fall", "Divine", "Love Song", "One Step Closer", "Orbit", "Russian Girl", "The Lizard" 2011 version, "Torture", "Treason", "Two Fallen", "When We Are Young", "You And I")
  • C3 ("Down by the Bay", "Sgt. Steve", "Shadows", "Space Oddity")
  • B2 ("Arianne", "I Love You", "My Only Friend", "Space Oddity", "Torture", "Treason")
  • B♭2 ("Sentimental Girl")
  • A2 ("All I Want" demo)

*Underlines mark notes in backing vocals.
*Blue marks soft falsetto notes.
*Italics mark speaking.

Guitarist/vocalist/main songwriter for diverse hard rock band Saigon Kick (took over lead vocal duties for the albums "Water", "Devil in the Details" and "Bastards") and other projects such as Super TransAtlantic and Owl Stretching as well a brief live stint w/ the Jeff Scott Soto-fronted Talisman. I'm personally more a fan of his guitar playing ("Hostile Youth" being a personal favourite solo of mine), however he still has considerable talent as a singer.

Much lighter voice compared to Matt, yet can blend it well enough with his, creating an excellent unison (even going so far as to replicate it on the albums with himself on lead vox). He is also able to darken his voice considerably (see "Divine" and "The Way") making for a decent baritone imitation, as well as sounding like a lighter Billy Corgan at points. In addition, his low range is actually fairly strong even though he hardly goes into the second octave. Unfortunately, from the few live clips I've seen he seems to avoid some of the higher notes live (at least on the Water tour, i.e. bassist Chris McLernon handled the B4s on "On and On"). Nonetheless, definitely someone who's aware of what his voice is capable of even if he doesn't push it to extremes.

Examples of singing:

One of the better examples of his lead singing, strong harmonies and some great G♯4s in the chorus.

More harmonizing and an example of his Corgan-esque lower singing.

One of the best examples of his harmonizing with Matt, note the strong blending.

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