Frans Bauer(Dutch Singer)

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Frans Bauer(Dutch Singer)

Post  bradphone on Wed Sep 04, 2013 9:49 am

Frans Bauer

Vocal Range: B2 - G4
Voice Type: Mid Tenor.

High Notes:
G4("Winter in america beste zangers" "De Luchtballon" "Heb je even voor mij ")
F#4("`N Ons Geluk" "De Luchtballon" "Heb Je Even Voor Mij")
F4("Winter in america beste zangeers" "Als sterren aan de hemel staan" "`n Ons Geluk" "Op rode rozen vallen tranen")

Low Notes:
E3("Als sterren aan de hemel staan" "`N ons geluk" "Op rode rozen vallen tranen")
Eb3("Op Rode Rozen Vallen Tranen")
D3("`N Ons geluk")
C#3("De Luchtballon")
C3:("Winter In America beste zangers" "Op rode rozen vallen tranen")
B2("Op rode rozen vallen tranen")

The guy has a high singing and speaking voice, but what is so funny about him is that he sounds quite strong in the 3rd octave, he really has a full sound, Whilst his vocal characteristics scream MID TENOR all over, He sounds very light in the 4th octave but seems to struggle with notes above F4.. and they dont sound as full as his 3rd octave notes.. They almost sound like headvoice notes.

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