Agnete M. Kirkevaag

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Agnete M. Kirkevaag

Post  Rune on Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:12 am

Vocal Range: B2-E6

High Notes:

  • E6 ("Breaker of Worlds")
  • D6 ("Breaker of Worlds")
  • C6 ("The Cluster Children")
  • B5 ("Armour")
  • B♭5 ("The Cluster Children")
  • A5 ("Breaker of Worlds", "Changeling", "Formaldehyde", "Resolution", "The Cluster Children")
  • G♯5 ("Sedition")
  • G5 ("The Cluster Children", "The Grinding Silence")
  • F♯5 ("Hangman", "Evansions", "Reversed Psychological Patterns")
  • F5 ("Changeling", "Formaldehyde", "M for Malice", "Hangman", "Evasions", "The Little Things", "Resolution", "Silverspine")
  • E5 ("The Grinding Silence", "The Little Things", "Misty Sleep", "Ruby Red", "Changeling", "Plague on This Land", "M for Malice", "Formaldehyde", "Armour", "Resolution", "The Flesh, the Blood and the Men", "Reversed Psychological Patterns", "Silverspine", "Jitterheart", "The Purest Strain")
  • E♭5 ("Ruby Red", "Formaldehyde", "Necropol Lit", "The Little Things", "Hangman", "Desiderata", "Plague on This Land", "Armour", "Resonatine")
  • D5 ("He Who Longed for the Stars", "M for Malice", "Mistly Sleep", "Breaker of Worlds", "Ruby Red", "Silverspine", "Turn the War On", "Necropol Lit", "Omnivore", "Hangman", "Evasions", "The Flood to Come", "The Little Things", "Deadlands", "Resonatine")

Low Notes:

  • G♯3 ("Undertow", "Resolution", "The Flesh, the Blood and the Men", "The Eight Wave", "Loss", "Traitor's Mark", "M for Malice", "Silverspine", "Armour", "Evasions", "Plague on This Land", "Resonatine", "Jitterheart", "The Purest Strain")
  • G3 ("The Cluster Children", "He Who Longed for the Stars", "Traitor's Mark", "Reversed Psychological Patterns", "Hangman", "Plague on This Land", "All I Know", "Silverspine", "Resonatine")
  • F♯3 ("Undertow", "He Who Longed for the Stars, "The Grinding Silence", "Traitor's Mark", "Hangman", "Faceless", "Resonatine")
  • F3 ("Traitor's Mark", "Deadlands")
  • E3 ("He Who Longed for the Stars", "Traitor's Mark", "Resolution", "Distance Will Save Us", "Deadlands", "Armour", "Hangman")
  • D3 ("Breaker of Worlds")
  • B2 ("Breaker of Worlds")

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Re: Agnete M. Kirkevaag

Post  Sweetnut on Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:14 am

Great vocalist. She has a very distinctive and powerful voice, and she sure as hell knows how to use it. She sounds as low mezzo/alto with ability to hit high soprano notes. And Madder Mortem is one of the most original metal bands i have ever heard. Musically they're not mind boggling by any means, but quite beautiful, fragile, often surprising, not straight forward and just plain old good. Such a great band!
Thanks for thread Smile

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