Round 2: Holsety vs Shikkaku

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Round 2: Holsety vs Shikkaku

Post  MrToddington on Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:43 pm

Holsety wrote:If this is a bit late, that's because I fell asleep before I finished my submission.

Coolest Sustained Note
Clip -
I'm submitting a note by Graham Nash for a sustained note.
I chose his full D5 from "I Can't Let Go", a Hollies song from 1966.
He was able to sustain the notes as late as 1983 in their reunion tour,
but the studio version has the cleanest, most consistent ones, in my opinion.

The note sounds the same in every instance it's sung in the song, so I didn't
feel the need to include it multiple times.

Best Glissando
Clip -
I'm a bit lost as to what to do for Jack, once again. I'm settling for the
only glissando I've heard him sing after a lot of searching. St. James
Infirmary Blues is the song, and he only did the slide in the studio version. Give him
some credit for not overdoing it, either!

It's not the longest glissando, nor is it the most impressive one, but his voice
didn't crack or anything, so I consider that a bonus.

Most Beautiful Tone
Clip -
Although there are several good examples of this in Paul's case, I decided a demo
of a song he ended up giving to Mary Hopkins called 'Goodbye' exemplefied his vocal
beauty as well as 'Heart of the Country' or 'Mother Nature's Son'.


Shikkaku wrote:I think this time I got it in time Smile
Da Clips:

1. Best Sustained Notes: Marcela Bovio: (Song is called "Street Spirit" by Stream of Passion)

2. Best Glissando: Kyo: (Song is called "Reiketsu Nariseba" by Dir en Grey)

3. Most Beautiful Singing: Damnagoras: (Song is called "The Time of Your Life" by Elvenking)

Date/Hour Proof:


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Re: Round 2: Holsety vs Shikkaku

Post  Michael Bolton on Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:14 am


Graham Nash - Impressive but not exactly the most beautiful sound. 1,5/5
Marcela Bovio - Nothing to criticize here, she wails up there wonderfully without any flubs or trouble. I could criticize the cover, though. 4,5/5


Jack White - Somehow, that was very cool and unique. Maybe not the most fitting thing for a clip-off tournament - especially against Kyo - but I liked it. 3/5
Kyo - asdfg, the ending! 5/5


Paul McCartney - Very eloquent singing, dare I say? Macca's always been amazing at various styles, this being one of them. 4,5/5
Damnagoras - Pleasant singing but too generic a tone for my personal taste, feels like I've heard the same voice hundred times before. 2/5
Michael Bolton

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Re: Round 2: Holsety vs Shikkaku

Post  Rodney Razorshorts on Fri Aug 09, 2013 7:32 am

Best Sustain
Graham Nash - Well supported, strong consistency, good dynamics. 4/5
Marcela Bovio - Wow, what a section. Perfect dynamics, great open vowels, great great. 5/5

Jack White - Not very impressive, even seems a little out of key at the beginning. Ends on a nice note though. 2.5/5
Kyo - There sure is a lot of sliding here. So many runs though, not sure how to fit it into this category. There was a big slide at the end, but it was pretty short. Still, the propensity for sliding is surely there. 3.5/5

Gentle Tone
Paul McCartney - Fantastic tone, strong use of dynamics with that great outstanding mezza-voce. 4.5/5
Damnagoras - Ooh, soft singing with warm lows =3. I certainly enjoy his tone and delivery here, but it is seriously outmatched in this cat. 3/5
Rodney Razorshorts
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Re: Round 2: Holsety vs Shikkaku

Post  Sandblasted on Fri Aug 09, 2013 7:39 am

Coolest sustained note(s)
Nash: Really well supported and sustained, nit much power tho. 3.5/5
Marcela: While I didn't like what they did to it musically (that song shouldn't have heavy guitars at all IMO), Marcela herself did pretty well and the notes sound very resonant and well sustained. 4/5

Best glissando:
White: It was alright, cool little run that served it's purpose but wasn't much to write home about. 3/5
Kyo: Really impressive Arabic chant style thing (ironic for a Japanese band), the high note at the end was little much for me tho. 4/5

Most beautiful tone:
McCartney: Good choice for Macca in this category, he has probably one of my favourite light head voice tones. Again, acoustic songs like this really bring out the best qualities for these sort of tones. 4.5/5
Damngoras: Agree w/Timi that this is pretty generic, still sounds quite alright, it just feels... underwhelming. 3/5

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Re: Round 2: Holsety vs Shikkaku

Post  Pepe Forever on Fri Aug 09, 2013 9:45 am

Best sustained note:

Graman Nash----------Sounds rather whiny and really light, but nice sustain there. 3/5

Marcela Bovio--------Wow, that was really cool, lots of sustained notes with great sounding timbre. 4/5


Best glissando:

(from a dude that proved he doesn't know anything about glissando with his clip submissions)

Jack White--------Sounds pretty nice. Altrough not very long, it's pleasing. 3/5

Kyo-----------------Motherfucking Kyo! Though those are not very long or typical slides (remember guyz dunno wat glaisanduz iz lololol) those were some really cool sounding trills and the slide to the last note is nuts. 4/5


Most Beautiful Tone:

Paul McCartney--------Really amazing, beautiful and smooh head voice. And the ending was thight. Beautiful. 4/5

Damnagoras--------Very good breathy quiet singing, sounds really emotional too, but I gotta give the credit to Macca on this one. 3,5/5
Pepe Forever
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Re: Round 2: Holsety vs Shikkaku

Post  Zedd Squared on Fri Aug 09, 2013 11:33 am

Graham Nash: Nothing that was too impressive to me here. 2/5
Marcela Bovio: Nice, well controlled operatic singing. A bit generic but there's only so many ways you can alter the color of a tone like that. 3.5/5

Jack White: I've never liked the sound of Jack's voice so I'm a bit biased, but either way this wasn't a particularly great glissando. 2/5
Kyo: Despite there not being too many slides in this it was pretty crazy regardless. Very impressive last note too! 4/5

Beautiful tone:
Paul McCartney: Very good sounding tone here and fits the category quite well. 4/5
Damnagoras: Nice raspy sound but I don't really associate it with "pleasant" or "beautiful". 2.5/5
Zedd Squared

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Re: Round 2: Holsety vs Shikkaku

Post  Celice on Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:23 pm

1. Graham Nash - Nicely sustained, good clean note which he makes sound easy. 3/5.
Marcela Bovio - Very well executed passage, though her audible inhales sound as though she's struggling a little. 3/5.

2. Jack White - Subtle but pretty cool. If the category were "most tasteful glissando", this one could be a serious contender. 3/5.
Kyo - Good singing overall but since the category is "best glissando" I'm not giving him extra points for the preceding stuff. Impressive high note at the end, and the glissando up to it is so quick I confess I underestimated it on first listen. That slide is actually a full octave (G♯4-G♯5) with astonishingly consistent tone. 4/5.

3. Paul McCartney - Lovely light singing which suits the song beautifully. 4.5/5.
Damnagoras - Nice tone, sounds quite emotional in parts but the breathy style seems a bit of an affectation. 3/5.

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Re: Round 2: Holsety vs Shikkaku

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