Round 2: Rodney Razorshorts vs Sandblasted

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Round 2: Rodney Razorshorts vs Sandblasted

Post  MrToddington on Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:41 pm

Rodney Razorshorts wrote:1. Sustain - Tarja Turunen

2. Glissando - Devin Townsend

3. Gentle Tone - Hansi Kursch


Sandblasted wrote:1. Coolest sustained note: Ian Gillan - Strange Kind of Woman (Made in Japan)
Excerpt from this performance:
I know I included a bit more to flesh out this clip, but the real money note is the 10 second long G5 right at the beginning,

2. Best glissando: Ray Gillen - High Wire
Excerpted from this song:
A slide down from a sustained D5 on "WIRE" in the beginning, including a couple of legato vibratoed notes on the way down, and a slide up to a an impressive G♯5 at :41. Unfortunately, due to the way the song was written and/or recorded, in order to show both notes in the clip I had to include a longish instrumental/guitar solo section, so after the first slide you'll probably want to skip to :41.

3. Most beautiful note: Phil Anselmo - Cemetery Gates

I supposed it's ironic I pick him for this category after what I chose for him last time, this song is fairly long and still features some of Phil's harsher tones in the pre-chorus (2:35 to 3:01, 3:58 to 4:24), so you'll want to pay attention at :16 to :49, 2:08 to 2:34, 3:05 to 3:16, 3:30 to 3:56, 4:27 to 4:51 (don't you dare skip Dimebag's solo directly afterward tho! Evil or Very Mad ) and 5:48 til the end. This is pretty much the only example of Anselmo's most delicate singing, especially with the harmonies in the chorus.

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Re: Round 2: Rodney Razorshorts vs Sandblasted

Post  Zedd Squared on Thu Aug 08, 2013 10:50 pm

Tarja Turunen: 4/5
Ian Gillan: 5/5

Tarja's operatic technique is in fine form on POTO and it sounds great, but Ian's tone is more appealing to me here and DAMN he controls those long notes really well!

Devin Townsend: 4/5
Ray Gillen: 2.5/5

Devin's was longer and a bit more fitting to the category imo. Love his raspy tone too. Gillen sounds great here but the glissandos themselves weren't terribly outstanding to me.

Beautiful tone
Hansi Kursch: 5/5
Phil Anselmo: 3/5

Hansi sounds beautiful very frequently and Harvest of Sorrow is a great example of this. Phil's clean singing is quite good but he's not particularly beautiful sounding here. So Hansi it is.
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Re: Round 2: Rodney Razorshorts vs Sandblasted

Post  Michael Bolton on Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:57 am


Tarja Turunen - Not my favourite sound, but a very fine showcase of technique nonetheless. 3/5
Ian Gillan - Mindblowing, just mindblowing. I've always worshipped this one. 5/5


Devin Townsend - Wow, that was amazing and unexpected. Once again, Devin steals the spotlight. 4/5
Ray Gillen - Wonderful rock singing, but not really fitting for the category (IMO), apart from the kickass last note. 3/5

3. Hansi Kursch - An impressive display of harmonizing and taste, combined with Hansi's unique tone. 4/5
Phil Anselmo - I've always liked Phil's cleaner vocals and this one is no exception. Not as soft as Hansi's, but tonally wonderful. 4/5
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Re: Round 2: Rodney Razorshorts vs Sandblasted

Post  Pepe Forever on Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:50 pm

-Best sustained note:

Tarja Turunen--------Don't know if my favorite tone from the sound point of view, but it was damn technically impressive and with that final demanding note the tone got better. 4/5

Ian Gillan-----------Holy shit what the fuck was that?!?!?! This man simply can't run out of breath with his wail. Intense sustain and pretty nice vibrato. Even though they're tied on the technical aspect with Tarja I'm gonna give a better score to this 'cause I liked the sound more. 4,5/5


-Best glissando:

Devin Townsend---------Okay, that is what I call a fucking crazy slide. Really amazing distorted tone and insane high note as well, kinda on the same level with the Ted Neeley, but I like this one more, so fuck it, I don't care if there are even better ones, this gets. 5/5

R. Gillen----------Nice slide down and nice tone on the D5. Pretty cool though short slide at the end, nice tone too, but I'm afraid Devin beats this by far. 4/5


-Most Beautiful Tone:

Hansi Kursch------Truly beautiful and pleasant tone, though I think the multi-tracking helps a lot in achieving the sound. I prefer rawer single-track vocals where I can appreciate the tone a little more. Still sounds really nice, but I'm afraid I'll have to be just a little biased and give the upper hand to Phil here. 4/5

Phil Anselmo---------Oh, Philip, Philip In Love. What a great vocal performance this is. The lighter vocals in the verses and chorus though not really that beautiful and gracious are soothing and sound cool. The rough passages in this song are what I like the most, and even't though here beautiful is apparently meant to be "gentle and soft" I'm gonna go against the standards, 'cause I consider those raspy highs really beautiful and great sounding in they're own way, and they're the most emotional edge of the song IMO. And I really dig the Dickinson-ish vocals at the end of the pre-chorus. 4,5/5
Pepe Forever
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Re: Round 2: Rodney Razorshorts vs Sandblasted

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