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Anja Plaschg

Post  walkingstethoscopes on Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:30 am

Vocal range: E♭3 - A5

Significant high notes:
A5 - "Cry Wolf
E5 - "Cry Wolf", "Im Dorfe"
E♭5 - "Spiracle"
D5 - "Im Dorfe", "Brother of Sleep", "Cry Wolf", "Marche Funèbre"
C♯5 - "Boat Turns Toward The Port", "Marche Funèbre" Yrasor version, "Sleep", "Extinguish Me", "Cynthia", "Left Of Me"
C5 - "Marche Funèbre", "Vater"
B4 - "Extinguish Me", "Brother of Sleep", "Big Hand Nails Down"
B♭4 - "Spiracle", "Mr Gaunt Pt 1000", "Thanatos", "Deathmental"

Significant low notes: 
G♯3 - "Sleep", "Cradlesong", "Tybalt" live
G3 - "Spiracle", "Deathmental"
F♯3 - "Thanatos", "Vater", "Wonder", "Lost", "Sugarbread", "Me And The Devil", "Janitor of Lunacy", "Learning"
F3 - "Thanatos"
E3 - "Cradlesong", "Pray", "Sleep" live Hamburg 2014
E♭3 - "Voyage, Voyage", "Cradlesong"

*Blue marks probable non-modal notes.
*Italics mark non-sung notes.

Otherwise known as Soap&Skin. Peculiar singer for sometimes very peculiar pieces of music. While she doesn't seem to be comfortable in the upper fourth octave and above, some of her singing there can absolutely fantastic there (see Thanatos, Boat Turns Towards The Port). Her lows have gained strength with time, but are often quite breathy and have a strange tone to them.

This performance of Marche Funèbre is amazing; she nails the C♯5 at 4:26 and her singing is powerful throughout.

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