ROUND 1: inhibitions vs Blue Saint

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ROUND 1: inhibitions vs Blue Saint

Post  MrToddington on Mon Jul 22, 2013 3:24 pm

inhibitions wrote:Harsh Vocals:

Kurt Cobain-- Negative Creep

Live Singing:

Adam Levine-- If I Ain't Got You (cover)

Versatile Singing:

Florence Welch-- Shake it Out


Blue Saint wrote:I have chosen Siouxsie for best distorted tone in this live version of "Red Over White" from 2005.
The time to look for is 3:30 to 4:00, some howling!

I have chosen Bjork for best live singing with this performance of "Play Dead" from 1998.
The time to watch for this is 2:25 to 3:10.

I have chosen Lisa Gerrard for most tonally varied performance with this piece, "The Unfolding", performed in 1998.


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Re: ROUND 1: inhibitions vs Blue Saint

Post  MooseyFate on Mon Jul 22, 2013 6:36 pm

Best distorted tone:
Kurt Cobain: 3.5/5
Nostalgia:inlove:  It was kinda uncontrolled, though, but it's Kurt so that's to be expected.

Siouxsie: 2/5
Far from technically impressive. TMI 

Best live singing:
Adam Levine: 4/5
I dug it, but the falsetto notes were kinda wimpy. The top one made up for it though.

Bjork: 4/5
Nice and smooth, but shaky, and then all of a sudden REALLY impressive.

Most tonally varied:
Florence Welch: 3/5
Not too terribly much variation here, but what there was was really effective.

Lisa Gerrard: 2/5
It was an awesome performance, but not too varied.

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Re: ROUND 1: inhibitions vs Blue Saint

Post  Danerage on Mon Jul 22, 2013 7:50 pm

Best distorted tone:
Kurt Cobain: 3/5. Sounds a lot like Lemmy... Well controlled, clear vowels and decent technique.
Siouxsie: 1/5. Uhh she's just screaming. No control.

Most impressive live singing:
Adam Levine: 2/5. Ok I guess. Nothing particularly hard to replicate in a live setting.
Bjork: 3.5/5. Nicely done. Good clear sustain on the highs.

Most tonally varied performance:
Florence Welch: 1/5. What tonal variation? Good vocals, though.
Lisa Gerrard: 2.5/5. Nice variation of dark/light vocal color, not so much variation in overall tone/technique.

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Re: ROUND 1: inhibitions vs Blue Saint

Post  B6 on Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:19 pm

Best distorted tone:
Kurt Cobain: Well, that surprised me a lot. Nice control, even the cracks at the end sound like an intentional thing to me, and gawd that's hella distorted and growly. Insane. 3.5/5
Siouxsie Sioux: Hmmm... some random parrot-like screams? Can't deny it's distorted-ish/harsh, but really crap nonetheless. Not exactly the best distorted tone. 1.5/5

Most impressive live singing
Adam Levine: That was pretty nice, not sure if I would have said it was impressive live singing but that resonant falsetto near the end was very nice. Not exactly super consistently amazing, but I guess 3.5/5 is okay for this.
Björk: Björk never ceases to amaze me. Everything here (and everywhere in her discography, to be honest) sounds so freakishly honest and emotional. It sounds like she doesn't even need to think about it, it just comes naturally from her. This is no exception. The high notes are incredibly powerful and resonant, and they literally sent shivers down my spine (in a good way). 5/5 for me, really. Any shakiness in this does nothing against it. Fantastic.

Most tonally varied performance:
Florence Welch: Predictably, I like this song quite a bit, and I love the vocals in it. I would have probably used this too for that category, had I chosen Florence, for it's probably her most varied performance. However, it really isn't very varied at all... She isn't one to vary approach that much within a song, I reckon. Only notable thing was the falsetto scales at the end, but that's not saying that much. Again, I love it, but not a greatly varied performance at all. 2.5/5
Lisa Gerrard: That was really creepy! I'll have to disagree with Danerage and Moosey here, this definitely sounded like a very varied performance. I mean, she switches between two tones, yes, but the two tones are so different that it still counts as very varied in my opinion: one tone is really deep and manly, the other one is lighter and more feminine. Occasionally she starts high, with the lighter tone, and applies dramatic vibrato until it sounds like she's using the darker tone an octave higher. 3.5/5 sounds fair for this.
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Re: ROUND 1: inhibitions vs Blue Saint

Post  Sandblasted on Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:18 am

Distorted tone:
Cobain: Very dark, gritty and grungy as one would except, fits the mood of the song weel enough but could be grating after awhile, very coll all around though. 3.5/5
Siouxsie: Sounds like a deranged parakeet at points Laughing, nothing too impressive. 1.5/5

Live singing:
Levine: Yet another guy who's voice I find grating, this did little to convince me otherwise, nothing really impressive. 1/5
Bjork: Didn't think much of it until 2:50 where I began to hear one of the most gorgeous sounds ever. In Love 5/5

Tonal Variance:
Florence: As much as I like her, there wasn't much going to really fit the criteria, what little she does show though is well done. 2.5/5
Gerrard: REALLY nice mixture of vocal styles, if I wasn't watching the video I would think there was a guy and a woman singing, great control and impressive darkening. 4.5/5

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Re: ROUND 1: inhibitions vs Blue Saint

Post  Rodney Razorshorts on Tue Jul 23, 2013 7:15 am

Kurt Cobain: Wow I've never heard him sound like that. Very convincingly gruff. 3/5
Siouxsie: Hm, just a few quick screams. 1.5/5

Live Performance
Adam Levine: Pretty boring, nice falsetto though. 2/5
Bjork: Oh man her power there. It never evens wavers. Not much going on here though. 3.5/5

Tonal Versatility
Florence Welch: Great performance. No tonal variation. 1.5/5
Lisa Gerrard: What a dark voice. The switch between soprano and tenor is really unexpected. And the fact that she'll sliding between them. 4/5
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Re: ROUND 1: inhibitions vs Blue Saint

Post  Pepe Forever on Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:45 am

Kurt Cobain----------3,5/5. Huge Kurt and Nirvana fan here. Really nice rough tone, clearly imitating Lemmy. Really tasteful, enjoyable, and technically okay since, hell, not everyone attempts to imitate Lemmy and suceeds.
In spite of this I gotta say this is not Kurt's best at distortion for me and I would've picked something else if I were you. Seems like you got carried away by the "rough vocals" thing and chose the most distorted stuff you could find. But, say, "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Sliver" or "Aneursym" simply beat the hell out of this clip IMO. Still really nice.

Siouxise------------3/5. Well yeah, just screaming really distorted screaming and not really singing. Still sounded really nice, huge and impressive though, but I gotta give the vote to Kurt on this one.


Adam Levine-------3/5. Nice, not really difficult to perform live as many said, but not everyone has that smoothness and spot on sound live nowadays either, and dem falsettos :B. Wish the quality was better Sad

Bjork------------------3,5/5. Like the tone and the vibrato. Gets really nice owards the end with the higher notes and that last sustained one. Even thought is not really challenging either, for me this beats Levine.


Florence Welch------1,5/5. Wow, great performance, one of the best tones and most emotional performances I've heard in a while. But I really fail to hear any tonal variation here, neither in technique (he keeps in a pretty chesty register almost all the time, except for some falsetto/head at the middle and at the end). Phrasing might be a little varied, but not much really. I would give this a 1 for the lack of variaton but fuck, that singing was too good, so 1,5 it is.

Lisa Gerrard-----------2,5/5. Starting on a more femenine sound then going to a manly tenorish sound, then slowly going for the femenine voice again in a seamless transition. Apart from that, not much change in tone, not many techniques/styles used, just some really nice operatic singing.
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Re: ROUND 1: inhibitions vs Blue Saint

Post  MrDevilman on Tue Jul 23, 2013 12:39 pm

Kurt Cobain - This is easily one of my favorite Nirvana songs... great choice 4/5
Siouxie - Is it bad I burst out laughing at the "screams"? 1/5

Adam Levine - The human clarinet does a damn good job singing a really difficult song. 3/5
Bjork - I love the way her vocals just set an atmosphere, and her runs even work to fit that. also dem yells <3 4.5/5

Tonally Varied:
Flo Welch - Great song, but not much tonal difference... 2.5/5
Lisa Gerard - There are so many subtleties to each tone she uses in this that makes it fantastic. I had to listen a couple of times just to notice all of them 4.5/5


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Re: ROUND 1: inhibitions vs Blue Saint

Post  DonutsGalacticos on Wed Jul 24, 2013 9:21 pm

Best distorted tone:

Kurt Cobain: 3/5 nice one by Kurt but he has a lot of them distorted good performance, Smells Like Teen Spirit chorus are terribly driven.
Siouxsie: 1/5 Screams xD ai ai ai

Most impressive live singing:

Adam Levine: 2/5 Nooo i have heard better things by him, that's what i expect to hear from him anytime
Bjork: 4/5 i don't listen to Bjork that much, but her voice always diggs in my heart xD

Most tonally varied performance:

Florence Welch: 2/5 typical singing by Florence
Lisa Gerrard: 3/5 that shit sounded like Eternall Darkness soundtrack i shitted my pants and run

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Re: ROUND 1: inhibitions vs Blue Saint

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