Anoji Matsuoka

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Anoji Matsuoka

Post  Shikkaku on Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:46 am

Total Range: F♯2-B6
Sung Range: C♯3-A5

Significant High Notes

B6 (“Akai Kioku”)
B♭6 (“Nare no Hate”)
C♯6 (“Muge no Hito”, “Kyoumon Kokuin Shintou”)
C6 (“Nare no Hate”)
B5 (“Nare no Hate”, “Shagan no Tou”, “Jinbaika”, “Akai Kioku”)
B♭5 (“Rou no Aruji”)
A5 (“Rou no Aruji”)
G♯5 (“Akai Kioku”, “Nare no Hate”, “Shagan no Tou”)
G5 (“Nare no Hate”, “Rou no Aruji”)
F5 (“Shagan no Tou”, “Kyoumon Kokuin Shintou”)
E5 (“Akai Kioku”, “Rou no Aruji”, “Nare no Hate”, “Shagan no Tou”, “Jinbaika”, “Muge no Hito”, “Tsuki to Hangyoujin”)
E♭5 (“Akai Kioku”, “Nare no Hate”, “Kyoumon Kokuin Shintou”)
D5 (“Akai Kioku”, “Jinbaika”, “Futari Asobi”, “Tsuki to Hangyoujin”)
C♯5 (“Muge no Hito”)
C5 (“Shagan no Tou”)

Significant Low Notes

B3 (“Akai Kioku”, “Jinbaika”, “Futari Asobi”)
B♭3 (“Kyoumon Kokuin Shintou”)
G♯3 (“Nare no Hate”)
F♯3 (“Muge no Hito”)
E3 (“Rou no Aruji”, “Jinbaika”)
C♯3 (“Muge no Hito”)
B2 (“Akai Kioku”, “Jinbaika”)
F♯2 (“Akai Kioku”)

*Orange marks notes with questionable registers: absolutely no use figuring out these.
*Blue marks probable non-modal notes.
*Red marks extremely bad, unimpressive or unintentional notes.
*Italics mark non-sung notes.

Both looking and sounding like she came straight from hell, this is Anoji Matsuoka, the vocalist and guitarrist from the japanese extreme avant-garde metal band Gonin-Ish. Anoji can be considered as a female-counterpart of Kyo: she has a never-ending versatility that both scare and amaze people with her voice. Well, she can sing crystal-clear powerful high notes in a japanese folk singing style, scream hysterically, use death grunts, giggle, whistle scream, and do some pretty low notes as well. But, unlike Kyo, she is ugly and she can sound extremely irritating, but her bizarre vocalisms match Gonin-ish music (that can be compared to a musical version of a Japanese Gore Porn movie.)

PS: I don't have a clue of whose blues and oranges are the correct ones, so screw that.

Some Rice Ball Massacre: PS: Non-safe for ears stuff above.

They have an actually-decent song called "Tsuki to Hangyoujin" but I can't find it on Youtube Sad. The Clean singing on "Jinbaika" is really great, but the song is ruined by her screams.
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Re: Anoji Matsuoka

Post  DonutsGalacticos on Sun Jul 21, 2013 12:34 am

your threads remind me of rurouni kenshin In Love 

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