Marcus Collins

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Marcus Collins

Post  Guest on Sat Jun 15, 2013 1:38 pm

Voice Type:Tenor
Vocal Range A2-C6

Significant High Notes:

C6 (''Superstition'')
B5 (''Superstition'')
A5 (''Are You Gonna Go My Way'')
G5 (''Are You Gonna Go My Way'')
F♯5 (''Are You Gonna Go My Way'', ''Born This Way'')
F5 (''Moves Like Jagger'', ''Signed, Sealed And Delivered'')
E5 (''Are You Gonna Go My Way'')
C♯5 (''Born This Way'', ''Moves Like Jagger'')
C5 (''Signed, Sealed And Delivered'', ''Are You Gonna Go My Way'')
B4 (''Born This Way'')
B♭4 (''Moves Like Jagger'', ''Russian Roulette'', ''Wishing On A Star'')

Significant Low Notes:

B2 (''Russian Roulette'', ''Wishing On A Star'')
A2 (''Wishing on A Star'')

Still more to come.

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Re: Marcus Collins

Post  theellafan on Mon Nov 17, 2014 7:34 am

No offence but I don't think he sings those notes in "Wishing on a Star" or "Superstition"? "Superstition" has B4's all over but he doesn't sing higher than that & "Wishing on a Star"'s lowest note is like C4 or smth.

Cool notes here from his CD! ☺


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