David Joseph Colditz (aka Dave Days)

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David Joseph Colditz (aka Dave Days)

Post  WhySoSirius...Black? on Thu May 16, 2013 4:52 am

Current Status:UNFINISHED

Melodic range: G2 - D5

Significant high notes:

D5 ("Rocketeer")
C♯5 ("Don't Let Go", "Happy Birthday... to ME!", "Payphone" cover, "California Dreamin'")
B4 ("Draw My Life", "Rocketeer", "Somebody That I Used To Know", "Boy You'll Forget", "I Just Held Hands", "Suit and Tie (Instagram Parody)", "Summertime", "Nobody Knows", "Giant Bears", "Who Says" cover, "We Can't Stop" parody)
B♭4 ("I'm Just A Baby")
A4 ("Alive and Ready to Die", "We're Just Kids", "First Kiss", "My Last Song For Miley", "Call Me Maybe", "Don't Let Go (acoustic)", "What Does It Take", "You've Been On My Mind", "We Found Love", "Last Friday Night (TGIF)", "Your Melody", "I Just Held Hands", "Bed Intruder Song, Double Rainbow, Sunny D, Backin Up", "Get Out Of My Head Miley", "Get Me Out", "Best Friends", "The End Of The World", "California Dreamin'")

Significant low notes:

G2 ("We're Just Kids")
B♭2 ("I'm Just A Baby")
B2 ("Boy You'll Forget", "Somebody That I Used To Know")
C3 ("I'm Better Than Your Boyfriend (Acoustic)", "If I Were A Girl", "Boxing Day", "Best Friends")
C♯3 ("My Last Song For Miley", "You've Been On My Mind", "Payphone" cover)

*Purple marks notes in backing vocals or otherwise muffled/obscured in the song mix.
*Italics mark non-melodic notes.

1. The Dave Days Show (2009) NOT FULLY CHECKED
2. Imma Be Down With Fireflies Baby (2010) NOT FULLY CHECKED
3. Dinner and a Movie (2010) NOT FULLY CHECKED
4. We're Just Kids (2012) CHECKED
5. Boy You'll Forget (2013) NOT FULLY CHECKED

Dave Days is a musician and a Youtuber. He is best known for his YouTube channel with pop-punk covers and parodies of popular songs, as well as original songs.

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